Life behind the smiles of Overseas Filipino Workers in Hongkong

December 03, 2017-Day 02-Part 03
Why do Pinay expats in Hongkong use their energy hanging around the park or street? are they wasting their precious time?

Many of our kabayans chose to work here and sacrifice a lot for their families. This country gives them hope and chance to provide a better life for their loved ones.

There are few professional Filipino workers based in Hongkong but mostly are DH or Domestic Helpers.

Sadly many of those domestic helpers are a degree holder as well. But they chose to give it up to ensure comfort for their families. This is the reality of life penny matters for survival.

We went to Hongkong City right after our Disney Pinay/Pinoy way exploration.

Remember brother’s statement that finding a relaxing place to hang out in the city during the weekend is challenging. Well, he is serious about it and totally true!

And this time we witnessed with our eyes how crowded the city is.

The parks, restaurant, and cafe along Central district are totally congested.

I was wondering why do they have to stay in the park the whole day in this situation. Why they don’t just stay at home, rest to energize for the following working days. I guess it is more interesting than hanging out at the park & streets.

Those thoughts of mine are not so smart!

The basis of my suggestions are only based on the things and situations I saw. I did not think deeply before those words come out from my mouth.

Why did I assume they are having fun in that crowded place? or maybe it is more wisely to think if why do they choose to go out instead of resting.

I felt guilty on the simple answer of my OFW Hongkong based brother.

“Working in the corporate world is totally different working as domestic helpers”.  Those OFW’s don’t have any control if their employer saw them around. Despite its their day off they may require them to work.

So staying outside the whole day is more enjoyable and guaranteed rest day for them.

Such a heartbreaking reality! The sacrifices of those hard working Filipinas are really commendable.

Their braveness and love for their families are proof of how good Filipina women are.

Moving on to the main concern of my blog. About the normal situation of our OFW based in Hongkong during their day off.  Allow me to tour you around in one of the most crowded areas in Hongkong during Sunday.

It is in Central near World Wide House.

We reached Central Hongkong nearly 5:00 pm. Walking around this area makes me think if I am in Manila or Hongkong.

From above we noticed those red big bags and curiously ask bro what are they doing.

We learned that it is their stuff to send for cargo box to their families. This is their only time to arrange it.

Same with Dubai limited space at the house is their main problem. Especially if they need to prepare to send their “balikbayan” cargo box back home.

But let’s admit it our situation here is a bit better than them. No matter how small our space is we can manage to squeeze few of our stuff to fit i. But for them, some of the employers don’t totally allow it. As even their bosses are having difficulty in space management.

So our beloved OFW doesn’t have any choice but to do this. ” Shop and pack” during their day off here in Central.

That street below is actually a vehicle road. But due to the crowded situation during Sunday government support them and close it temporarily.


This area became a legit additional hub for domestic helpers.

There are some who are busy reading either books or using their gadgets, eating and even sleeping.

This part of our trip is enjoyable and at the same time an eye opener for hubby and me. A truly memorable experience that we can share with fellow Filipino working abroad.

RIght after I reached the guesthouse I tried to meditate the Filipino traits I learned from today’s experience.

I realize that each letter from the word OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER should have a meaning. (Of course applicable only for those responsible OFW)

A thumbs up for all OFW especially those domestic helpers I encountered in Hongkong.

All of you are:

Optimistic – You always hope for the best possible thing will happen to your family.

Vigilant     –  You are watchful that nothing will destroy your bright future dreams.

Eager         –  You work hard to achieve your goals.

Ready         – You are always ready to sacrifice your comfort.

Strong        – You are strong in your stand to provide for your family not compromising your dignity.

Efficient     – You are ensuring that you are in focus on the main reasons for working abroad.

Ambitious – You have the strong desire and determination to succeed.

Sincere       – You truly want to help as much as you can.

Fearless     – You face your fears in many situations and conquer it.

Imaginative – You have the power to imagine the best life you can provide. But since you are realistic you are doing your best effort to make it happen.

Love            – Your love is the main weapon why you are holding and continue fighting.

Independent -You are independent in all aspects. From the material and emotional you only depend on yourself.

Positive      – You have the ability to see the good side of the bad situations.

Icon              – You are more than the superhero image. You are a normal human that sometimes weak but you are capable to transform yourself into a powerful person.

Nice              – You always try your best to be nice. Though sometimes you know some are abusing your kindness.

Organized  – You are systematic you know each upcoming special event of your loved ones. You are making sure to save bucks to buy each of them a gift.

Wary             – You are wary in a sense that you always worry about the future.

Outstanding – Your dedication to fulfill your promise is exceptional.

Realistic       – You are a dreamer with action. You know the reality, that in life there are always two options either to give up or go on. And you always choose the latter.

Kind               –  You are definitely kind and giver not only of material things but of your time and love.

Energetic     – In spite of not feeling well, you will still go to work as long as you can. No one wants a salary deduction.

Rich               – Your are rich maybe not in cash but rich of love.

If you would ask many OFW’s why do they possess the above traits the answer is simple, inspiring and heartbreaking. Because of their love for Families.

We may face different hard situations in a different country we are in. But all of us have the same wish that someday we don’t need to leave our loved ones behind.

(My Hong Kong Vacation continuation-Day 03)

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