Hong Kong night city tour + world’s longest escalator

December 02, 2017 – Day 01 part 02

Hong Kong an ideal country to visit for all no matter how old or young you are.

Variety of theme parks are available for the kids to enjoy and different bazaars for their parents to explore.

And for a typical traveler like hubby and me, Hongkong is definitely best for our interest. We just love to chill, eat, walk and discover the country’s each corner.

After our visit to Victoria Peak, we had our noodles for dinner. This would be great for the cold weather.

The photo might not look enticing but it is really tasty.

Right after our meal we just simply roam around the city. We walk around central tried few sweets and just enjoy the night.

Living in Dubai seeing tallest and modern buildings are normal. In spite of it, we can’t control ourselves to appreciate the amazing Hongkong’s building structure.

Roaming around we passed by the Mid Level Escalator. I’ve been here and tried before but didn’t pay much attention how long it was.

I was laughing when bro said this is famous being the longest one in the world. I really thought he is kidding I even checked it on the internet and it is true.

This is very helpful especially during rush hour to lessen the traffic a bit.

My tour guide (brother) did his job well 🙂

He brought us too to the busy street of Hongkong for parties, events, and nightlife.

Despite it is a bit a late night the place is still busy and alive. A lot of tourists from different part of the world are there having a blast.

This area is in Lan Kwai Fong street.

There is an event that night with Thai theme

A busy street at Hongkong


Near this area, we found this group of young ones doing a photoshoot. I am not sure if they are a real model or just doing it for fun. But they really look good and passionate.

I even tried to copy their pose but ends up laughing hard.

Sorry for my messy hair. Felt drunk even we didn’t take a drop of liquor maybe just looking tipsy because of happiness.

We ended our Hongkong first night with full of laughter and fun. Around 12 midnight we went back to our guest’s house to energize and get ready for the following day activity.

As much as we wanted to sleep until late afternoon but we cant. We need to maximize our few days Hongkong stays since bro took 2 days leave to spend with us.

My favoriteHongKong public transportation.

Please visit my youtube channel here if you want to see live footage.

Continuation of our Hongkong Exploration – Day 02

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