Not so impressive Filipina in Hong Kong

I really had fun during my five days vacation in Hong Kong. It is too many to mention so I narrowed the best enjoyable top ten that I remember and those follow:

  • Food trip with a good price
  • Sightseeing @ Ngong Ping cable car & visit at the Ngong Ping Village
  • Tai O Village exploration
  • Disney Land Park & Hotel free tour
  • Cruising from Hong Kong side to Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui side
  • Tram ride
  • Our endless walking trip till 1:00 am
  • Good weather
  • A hassle Airport express train in-town check-in
  • Most of it the lesson & realization of how a hardworking Filipino can do for the love to their families.

However real world is comparable to watching a dramatic movie. Before you reach a happy ending there would always be a bump in the roads and not a happy moment.

Ever since I created my blog I am careful in the article that I would be posting with few reasons. I don’t want to create a negative feeling to reader nor bad vibes in life.

But these sentiments of mine are not totally about negativity. Instead, I would just like some people to realize to be more watchful and sensitive on their actions.

I would be sharing you guys my two most negative unforgettable moments during my lovely vacation in Hong Kong. For me, it is irritating, disappointing and totally unimpressive!

It would be acceptable and understandable if I got those attitudes from foreign nationals. Sadly my disappointments are with my fellow Filipina.

Don’t get me wrong guys, this topic is not about those hard working and humble OFW. You know that I am proud of you.

Instead, this article is for those persons that we are expecting that would provide us a fair treatment. Anyways, we are both Filipino but I haven’t found any high standard service neither act of professionalism.

Who are they?

  • The girl behind the executive desk. (First Filipina worker we encountered)

We finish the immigration process a bit late as we freshened up first before facing them. Of course, we don’t want to look haggard after the stressful scenario we had from Dubai. As soon as we got out we hurriedly look for our luggage. We are slightly worried as the flight number from Dubai is not showing anymore in conveyor’s board.

Then we remember the first Filipina worker we saw in customer service. We approach her excitedly and ask for her assistance.

She was not welcoming at all and cold and just simply told us to check our tickets. As per her, all details are mention there. Though I am aware that it would never be included in ticket information still I check it. Maybe she would be right. When I told her I couldn’t find it she sarcastically told me “You should know that”

Hubby and I explained to her our situation and our flight number is no longer showing on the board. Believe it or not, she just answer us back the same thing “I don’t know and you should know that”

We don’t want to ruin our day but I know argument would startup. So before it happens we just left and find it on our own.

  •   The girl who works behind the bar. (Franki Money exchange)

After we checked-in in our guest house we went straightly at World Wide House. It is the Filipino hub in Hong Kong similar to Al Attar Karama Dubai.

The same scenario happens this girl has an attitude and sarcastic. I just ask her hows the calculation and the way she explains to me is as if I a dumb. Got confused from the dollar to HKD exchange as she gave me two receipts. I just want to clarify it as there is a big difference in my online application conversion.

She stood up and rudely explain me the calculation. She told me that is why there are two receipts I should compute it since I have a calculator.

Encountering these kinds of people are too much in one day I couldn’t bear it. They are pushing my maximum patience tolerance. I told her the below;

  • Is it wrong to ask you?
  • Is there a problem clarifying things that I don’t understand as your customer?
  • Not all people could understand easily the things written on the paper. They just simply need your clear answer! (talking on behalf of prior OFW I saw having problem with this girl)
  • Answer us politely it is your job!

After this confrontation which I am not proud of she finally shut up. I professionally thank her which I am not sure if she got my message to act as professional one.

Anyways if she didn’t get what I meant I don’t care at all. But I do care for those domestic helpers that receiving an unfair treatment from her.

When I told brother about the scenario he told me that those Filipina are holding a Hong Kong citizenship. I asked him how does he know whether they are just a normal worker or citizen. He explains me the Hong Kong labor law when it comes to that matter. He assures me that they are a Filipina-HongKong citizen. Either married to Chinese or those grants of citizenship way back (with musician parents based in Hong Kong during 80s-90s)

Anyways, when I reached the guesthouse I did research about Franki Exchange review. I saw some complaints and negative feedback posted online or on Facebook.

It is just disappointing hearing that a fellow Filipino treats you badly because of their life status. My message for those “Hongkong based feeling high profile Filipino”. Wake up guys! no matter what, the blood that runs in your veins is Filipino blood. Be respectful and treat your fellow countrymen with dignity. You should be thankful that you have a better position in life. So instead of showing your superiority why not just let them feel you value them.

These scenarios always remind me to be watchful and careful in treating others. This world is already full of injustice things and I don’t want to add up on it.

Let’s just be positive and spread kindness 🙂


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