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I am now a certified AIA Philam life’s Financial Advisor

How and why I became an AIA Philam life’s Financial Advisor

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a personal blog on this platform for various reasons.

I lost my focus for a while as I’ve been busy with many things in life.

As you know, I am one of many OFWs who went back home due to the economic effect of COVID in my host country. Due to that, I had to juggle different work as much as I can. A part-time property specialist and a full-time BPO agent.

You cannot imagine how much I deprived myself of doing my most favorite way of relaxation – Sleeping!

Aside from my demanding jobs, I was helping my mom in taking care of my sick father. I can confidently say that I gave the best of my time in attending to his needs especially in driving him back and forth to the hospital for all his treatment.

Looking back to those days, I can’t actually imagine how my body manages to deal with those stressful days without a sign of giving up.

Well, that’s what I thought. I was making myself believe that no hard situation can beat me. That hey I am like a wonder woman who will never get sick even a little.

However, after the saddest moments in our family’s life, and the thing that none of us wants to happen (The death of my father), my body starts weakening.

In my entire life, I never experienced lying on a hospital bed and the worst is, I had stayed there for a long seven days!

After 2 years of hardship, strong battle with scary cancer my father bid goodbye last September 16, 2021.

It was very painful, he died beside me and my mother. We saw how he fight till his last breath.

During his funeral, till the day of his cremation, I was fighting hard with my emotion. I am convincing myself to not feel sad, thinking that at least his hardship is now over. No more pain for him, he doesn’t need to cry every time he feels the pain.

My husband always encourages me to pour out my emotions. Maybe due to being in the denial stage, I cannot understand how to release my emotions well.
He always reminds me that controlling my emotions at that moment is not healthy for me.

A month after that heartbreaking moment my body just suddenly collapse. As per the doctor’s diagnosis, it was due to overstress. I stayed a total of 7 days in the hospital and another week of bed rest.

I wouldn’t go into details, but there are many things that happened that I wish were only a dream.

You might be thinking, what is the relevance of this story in my additional service as a licensed AIA Financial advisor?

Let me share with you a short story behind it real quick!

How it was started

Since I have been working in a real estate firm my details are exposed in the market openly, many financial agents are inviting me to join their team. A new opportunity and unlimited potential income are just some of the words they use to entice me. However, those words don’t trick me as I know selling insurance to a Filipino is very challenging. In addition to that, I don’t have the guts to take a licensure exam under the Securities and Exchange Commission.

I know that I will be needing to allot time in reviewing in order to pass the exam, and “time” is something I don’t have much at that moment.

One ordinary day I was talking to my mother, she asked me to help her review the insurance that my father took with BPI Philam Life a long time ago. The program comes with savings and life insurance, if I am not mistaken it is now called Pamana Savings. 

The program they joined is; you will initially deposit a certain amount in a savings account, the maturity is until you reach the age of 70 years old. If the account holder dies before reaching age 70 he or she will be getting a x5 of the total amount he has in the account.

For example, if your initial deposit was Php 50,000 x 5 the claim you will get is Php 250,000 in addition to the Php 50,000 and any other interest on top of the initial deposit.

They never told us before that they have invested in this program. I am so proud that my parents are always thinking of the future.

After 10 years we learned the importance of insurance 

However, my mom honestly told me that they don’t actually want to avail it. They are not knowledgeable about the insurance, it just so happen they have extra cash that they do not know where to properly invest on. One of their bank’s agents approach them and invite them to join the program. Initially, the offer was about health insurance that comes with protection in case a member got a critical illness. The monthly payment in a period of 10-20 years discourages them not to join. They quickly declined the offer and firmly say they are not interested.

Expectedly my parent’s generations are not really fans of insurance as most of their ages don’t fully understand the concept of it, and have a fear that these offers are highly Scams!

So then, their agent encourages them to the second option. Thinking that it was safer and more beneficial they joined the program.

After almost 10 years they realizes the value of the initial offer at the time my father got diagnosed of having cancer. They said if they can only turn that moment back, they will avail themselves of the insurance with health protection benefits. Sadly, realizing its importance is too late now.

Number one reason of the importance of health insurance – you never know when you will need it Photo credit – investopedia

In order to support my father’s big medication expenses, our family does not have a choice but to borrow a big fund. We are so grateful that one good heart soul lent us a big amount without interest and payable in a reasonable number of years. If not because of her, we don’t know where to instantly get our funds.

If only one of my family members has even a little knowledge of health insurance we would definitely save a lot on his treatment.

The feeling of regret and the question of if are both useless now. It may be too late now for papa but I realize it is not yet for me. I still have the chance to educate myself, my husband, family, and people around me on how valuable insurance is not just for ourselves but for the people we love.

For illustration purposes only

My purpose?

I am sharing our story as this maybe would be helpful for someone in preparing their future better. Who knows you are also thinking of securing your future but doesn’t know how and when to start first. With our story, you can weigh things and assess what should your priorities.

If you have any questions about affordable insurance that will free you from worries about unexpected critical or minor illnesses, or saving a good amount that you can pass on to your loved one just feel free to message me on the below mailbox. I would be glad to give the best and suitable option for you!

Disclaimer: This website is not an official website of AIA Philippines, instead I am one of their licensed agents who can assist your insurance inquiry. (Advisor Code: available upon request) all photos are not mine, credit to the owner


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