lahuy island

Lahuy Island Camarines Sur White Sand Beach a Paradise

Lahuy Island Camarines Sur White Sand Beach a Paradise

Aside from the beautiful mountainous view, crystal clear beach water is another pride of the Bicol Region.

Lahuy Island

Tourists will appreciate this province so much especially if they want to experience the beauty of the Philippines island. With all the breathtaking views, many would agree that the Bicol region has many gifts that are worth visiting.

I know many of you guys, including me are very eager to plan the next getaway. Every one of us is burned out and missing so much a time to time travel.

But due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that our world is facing, a leisure trip sounds so impractical, and unreasonable.

Instead, safety should be our top priority at this stage.

So while all of us are still stuck in our places, let us just use this time more productively.

Why not try reading or researching great places, and discover hidden treasures of the Philippines. There is much information about this subject available online.
This might help you lessen the boredom, and also a great way to add new knowledge about our country. And, once the situation gets better, we can finally pursue the vacation that we are imagining now. By that time, you might have a great list on your travel journal waiting to fulfill.

Together with the above, I am also happily reminiscing the old trips I had by looking back with my old photo file. The happy memories from those photos are still fresh in my mind, I can’t believe that was a long time ago.

Some of those photos are so great and deserve to be shared online. I would be selfish if I will keep it only on myself.

In my previous blog, I shared my first visit to Bicol province. I mentioned how happy I was seeing the famous Mt. Mayon for the first time. On that same trip, there is another destination we went to that is unforgettable because of its beauty. It is the Lahuy Island In Caramoan, where we rest for two nights.

Those nights are so relaxing and refreshing, the place is so peaceful and like a paradise.

The resort name is Hacienda Lahuy Island, it is a simple resort where you can feel a way of island living. All the foods that serve us were fresh from the sea and their farm.

However, I couldn’t remember anymore the price of boat transfers to this island and the cottage rental.

In this link, ( you can verify with them all the price information if you are interested. And also, I am not fully sure if they are still operating, since my visit was many years back. I sent them an email to reconfirm this point, but I haven’t received any response yet.

Hacienda Lahuy Island Resort

Thanks to my great external hard drive, it manages to keep all these beautiful photos even many years passed.

From my husband’s place we took different form of transportation before reaching the Lahuy Island. As far as I remember we used jeep, below tricycle and boats

The Transportation

Lahuy Island tricycle

My Parents, two brothers and my Father in law

Lahuy Island bridge

We finally reached the port, from here we had to take boat to the island.

Lahuy Island me at the port

Hacienda Lahuy Island Resort is a beach front property. From the boat, you will see the beautiful place awaits you.

Lahuy hacienda lahuy

Lahuy Island beachfront resort

Accommodation Type

There are few Kubo style available around the island. It is a simple kubo with bed and fan only, who would need aircon with the outdoor fresh air?

Lahuy Island kubo style

Shower room is not available in the Kubo itself, there is separate area for that.

And for the cheaper, and more adventurous style, they have available tent as well.

Lahuy Island tent style

What else you can ask for waking up with this view?

The best place to have your meal, facing the beach with my coffee is just so…. no words to describe how relaxing is it

My favorite photo subject from the Island is the different kinds of boats, I don’t know why…

Walking around the beachside you can see many sea ornaments.

There are many islands we passed by going to Lahuy Island, too bad time is not enough for island hopping.


The grateful tourists

This trip is such the best vacation hubby and I had in the Philippines. Why? because we both enjoy the day with the people so special to us. Our parents and siblings, I am not sure if this will possible to happen again in the future, hope it would be.



Bicol Province answers my never-ending question

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