Saltwater Fish Hobby in Philippines, planning to have one?

Saltwater Fish Hobby in the Philippines, are you planning to have one?

Taking care of pets regardless of their kind give different joy to one. Providing our love, caring, and protection makes us having sense and purpose in life.

That is why many of us have this strong feeling of getting a pet and love them fully.

While most pets lovers are into cats or either dog, my husband’s, fell in love with having saltwater fishes part of our home.

Though I became interested in this thing too, hubby is more passionate about these hobbies. Cat is still the top one best baby for me.

But due to the current situation, I am not yet getting any cat here in the Philippines. I will decide early next year whether I will start taking care of cat again.

I need to be extra careful with this decision to avoid like what happened to my babies in the UAE.

For now, I am enjoying myself along with my hubby in taking care of these little creatures. They are amazing and refreshing in our eyes.

Like what I mentioned in this article, my most favorite of these fishes are the clownfish. Their traits, physical appearance are so cute.

For those who are familiar with and have knowledge about this hobby, I know that you would agree that starting this is not easy. Before we manage to build this small family, we make a lot of effort, patience, and time.


Getting healthy fishes are the challenges we had when starting here in the Philippines.

If you are interested and planning to start a saltwater fish hobby, you may be wondering where we are getting these fishes?

Most would say that cheaper saltwater fishes are available in Cartimar, but based on our experience, getting a healthy fish from here is so challenging.

We couldn’t count how many times we went to Cartimar to buy fishes. Unfortunately, they don’t last long with us. There are lots of trials and error till we built this happy and healthy fish community at home. 

The good shop 

With our research from a different group, we found a good shop having healthy fishes. It is in MBDB Marine Trading located in Las Pinas

Saltwater Fish Hobby

Saltwater Fish Hobby option

Saltwater Fish Hobby anemone

If you want to contact them directly, below are their details.


The Playful Clownfish, Surprising fact they are all born male


If you are planning to start your saltwater fish hobby and need assistance or have any questions, just send my husband a message at this link 

He can guide you for an easier step-by-step process of taking care of saltwater fishes. Just let him know you got his link from


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