Mt.Mayon Perfect Cone, Beautiful, and Breathtaking

Mt.Mayon for a long time I always wanted to visit Bicol, after a decade I finally saw it.

It was in 2012 the first time I went to the beautiful province of Bicol.

Since I was young I always want to see this province especially the Mt.Mayon

I even tried convincing my father then but he refused as it is really far and he is busy at work.

I suggested to him that maybe we can ride a train from Manila to Bicol so he wouldn’t need to drive far. Based on the English movies I watched, a long journey by train looks so fun and exciting.

He laughed hard and told me that I don’t know which train I am talking about.

I told him that it was the train I always saw around Manila when we are roaming around Divisoria for shopping. And he is the one who says that the train route is to Bicol.

Because of my young age and innocents,’ that train looks so beautiful for me. I really thought it is nice to travel from it. My father tried to explain to me that it is not the same train I am imagining.

Years later and when I grew up I realize, that train to Bicol is no way would be my means of traveling. I finally understand what my father meant.

Never thought my true love would be from this province

I never saw myself that the province I am always wanting to see will be permanently part of my life. Who would have thought that my future husband will be from this province?

Sharing with him how fascinated I am about his province since I was young makes him happy. He couldn’t believe it, and as if he is meant for me.

Few months after our wedding in 2011 in Dubai, we file a one-month holiday in the Philippines. This is to pursue a vacation with my parents to the Bicolandia region. And to have quality time spent with each of our parent’s side.

That trip was busy and full of itineraries of 7 days. I don’t have yet a blog platform then and never had the chance to share these memories online. But every moment of that vacation is still fresh in my mind.

Our 2012 Bicolandia Vacation at Mt. Mayon

With the recent typhoon, I’ve seen how it damages the Bicol Province. That makes us really sad, especially that until now we weren’t able to visit again Bicol because of my Father’s condition. Now, I am just reminiscing how beautiful this province when I first saw it many years back.

One of the must-visit destinations we went to was the Cagsawa Ruin, to see up close the Mt.Mayon. The two hours drive from my husband’s place is totally worth it.

Mt. Mayon View

Mt.Mayon cloudy

I can’t explain how happy I was seeing it the first time. Mt.Mayon is so pretty and breathtaking!

 Mt.Mayon perfect cone

Mayon Volcano also known as Mount Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines and can be found in the province of Albay in Bicol Region.

It is a popular tourist spot for its perfect cone shape.

The volcano with its surrounding landscape was declared a national park on July 20, 1938, the first in the nation.

It was reclassified as a Natural Park and renamed as the Mayon Volcano Natural Park in 2000


Chili Keychain. since this province is known being a fan of spicy meal, some of Bicolanos actually eat raw chili along their meal for appetizing.

Mt.Mayon display piece

Beautiful display piece    Mt.Mayon knife

Mt.Mayon bag souvenir

Mt.Mayon wooden guitar souvenir


Sweet afternoon refreshments Halo Halo

Bicol Province answers my never-ending question



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