My Bicol vacation answers my never-ending questions.

Bicol 7 Days Vacation

Our much-awaited vacation in the Philippines is finally here.

It’s been a while the last time hubby and I went home together.  We are excited to enjoy our first ever domestic flight to his province none other than Bicol.

I mentioned in my past blog that since childhood I always wanted to visit Bicol to see Magayon. However, I never thought that in the future I will find my love of life from this province.

Enough for now about my love story, and let’s get back to our vacation details. We reached Manila on December 07, 2017 around 1:00 am. Instead of flying straight to Bicol we chose to stay at my parent’s house at least for 02 days.

We maximized those days processing some of our documents, and a quick bonding as well with my parents.

A married couple would understand our style, in giving importance of balancing the time spent with each parents side. By doing this we are maintaining the peace and friendly environment in both relations.

I guess it is normal that parents are sometimes jealous of their “balae” I don’t know the English term. It is the parents of the daughter or son in law.

That is why we ensure that we are providing them their needed attention. Hubby and I are guiltless on this point as we know we are giving the best love, time, care that we can.

Its funny but you can feel sometimes that parents both sides are competing.

Anyway for now, I will be sharing you guys our vacation with my hubby’s mom.

According to my self-made itinerary, we should leave Manila by December 09, 2017 for a 7 days Bicol vacation.

I booked a flight through Cebu Pacific at the time slot of 1:30 PM. Our flight took about 30-40 minutes long, the aircraft experience is fine and thankfully no delays on schedule.

Our Manila – Bicol Journey

As ever beautiful island of the Philippines

Prior to this vacation we already planned how we want to spend our few days in Bicol. We decided to make it simple and normal province lifestyle. This vacation is not for leisure, but also part of our pre-planning just in case we decided to settle back here in the Philippines in the near future.

Yes, we are already imagining how we would retire from OFW stage to live in the province peacefully.

Almost in Naga

Landed safely at Naga Airport

Though, hubby’s town is a bit far from Naga Airport we didn’t find any difficulty in the public transportation. To start our province lifestyle experience we chose to ride in an ordinary non-aircon bus to his town in San Jose. After that, we have to take a tricycle to drop up down in front of their gate.

San Jose Camarines Sur

Welcome to San Jose Camarines Sur

His mom was emotional and happy to see us. She knows that we would be coming home but she doesn’t have an idea of the exact date.

The moment I stepped in I know our Bicol vacation would be a relaxing, fun, and simple province lifestyle.

Finally at home

Come and join our simple vacation.

Sabang Public Beach – San Jose Camarines Sur

Sabang Beach about 10-15 minutes away from his house


Amazing blue skies


Cruising at Sabang Beach


Boat to Caramoan Island.

Unfortunately, we didn’t proceed with a Caramoan trip due to few reasons.


Mama Mil made our vacation a truly relaxing one. As much as I want to help her at home she doesn’t let me, and assure me that it is alright.

Washing only the plates for few times are the chores I remember that I did. What a spoiled daughter in law I was!

In just few days, hubby and I gained weights so much. Maybe because of the perfect rice cooked in province style. Believe me guys you will love this than those cooked in rice cooker.

Province way of cooking

We don’t need to go farther to enjoy a beautiful scenery. Only at their garden, I enjoy a lot seeing these beautiful and relaxing flowers and plants.

Beautiful flowers at the Garden

Waling Waling Orchids


Love the color of this Waling-Waling Orchid


No need to buy a calamansi


Normal ingredients with the Bicolano foods.

There are days that we are just staying at home, as we are feeling lazy to roam around. But it is fine, as I am enjoying the below “zoom in view” from their mini cottage.

This is a maximum zoom in shot from mobile.

Of course, hubby used this chance to show me some of his childhood memorable places back then.

Hubby’s childhood memorable place

Farm behind their house and a shortcut to his school.


Wow after 15 years I am able to see again this kind of view. Our hardworking farmers!


His Elementary school

We are thankful for our seven days province vacation, it is really relaxing and refreshing. More than that it answers the never-ending questions in our mind.





If you would ask me 4 years ago my answer is any part of the world except the Philippines. But lately, I realize that nothing beats the feeling of at home.  For now, our answer is still the Philippines, but who knows where life would lead us.

Sometimes hubby and I are overreacting, isn’t it too early to think this thing?  We always feel that we are old despite that we are only in our early 30’s.

Bus going back to Manila

We travel by BLTB co back to Manila. All went well Manong driver drives smoothly. Total travel time by land is about 12-14 hours

How about you my fellow OFW, are you seeing yourself as well staying for good in the Philippines?

video on my youtube channel


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