Goto special at one of the oldest Filipino restaurant in Dubai

Weather is getting better and better in UAE for the past days.

Most of us are looking forward to once again feel that cold season. Of course, we should be! this is the best time to walk around the city and have fun under the sun regardless of time.

Because of this a bit cool night, hubby and I crave for goto last Thursday.

For my foreign readers’ information, GOTO is a type of rice porridge with chicken and boiled egg.

This is a famous food in my country and it can serve throughout the day.

I’ve tried a variety of goto here in Dubai from a different restaurant but nothing really beats the goto special of Delmon.

Delmon is a simple Filipino eatery here in Dubai. According to their staff, it is on the market since 1992 and considered as one of the Filipino oldest restaurant here.

Wow! this restaurant serves the Dubai Filipino community for a long time. Their existence till now is a proof that they do serve good, reasonable and satisfying food to Pinoy’s expat.

Dining here makes us feel we are really in the Philippines. Like a normal “karinderya” the arrangement and decors are all simple.

Their meal ranges from Aed10-30 which is fair enough.

They also serve few main dishes but they are recognizable for their snacks such as pancit, lomi and most of all their goto.

I’ve tried few of their meal but goto is the best for me.

Serving is good enough at the amount of Aed12.00 with 1 egg. It is ideal to partner with their pandesal and that is what we normally do.

If you haven’t been there guys try to visit the place.

I took photos of their menu for your reference 🙂

Thanks Delmon restaurant for my almost 10-year “goto experience” it taste really never changes.

Despite having many Filipino restaurants here in Dubai I am saving my goto taste bud only for you Delmon! Wish you all the best.

If you want to see my Delmon Restaurant video please visit my youtube channel here >>>>>>>

Delmon location:


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