My first failure in life…sewing

My stomach was crazy the whole Friday. It is disappointing as I couldn’t go out that weekend to roam around. I am not sure what was the exact cause of it.

I don’t want to waste the day just lying in bed it only reminds of the pain.

So I was thinking what I can do. I remember that I need to repair hubby’s 2 pants. I should have done that months ago but I am not in the mood for sewing.

What I have to do is sew the tear off in crotch point area. While the other pair is to adjust the buttons as it is a bit tight on his waistline.

I know you are wondering why do I blog this. Because while sewing I suddenly remember my rebel childhood days.

It was during my first-year high school. I told my father that I failed on one subject. Since my father is my number one fan and supporter I saw in his eyes how he disbelief my statement. I told him seriously with a shy voice that I really failed.

He was mad thinking I need to repeat the whole first-year stage. As expected he has a lot of comments and speculations.

I told him not to worry as I only need to take one subject during the summer period. I do understand his reaction as he was pressure raising us alone since my mom works in abroad. He needs to ensure that we get his proper guidance.

After his long monologue, he asked me which subject I failed.

When I told him the subject his anger changed to light angry smiling laughing mode. Because the subject I failed in was the basic one which is the T.H.E

(I forgot the whole definition of it something close to Home Economics). He said of all the subject you failed in T.H.E?

I justify that I failed because I always skipped that class. The things they are discussing is uninteresting to me such as cooking, baking especially sewing.

I was actually thinking what is the use studying those things. I never thought that subject would be useful in my entire life.

The basic things I learned from the summer school are the normal things I am doing in my daily life.

Thanks to our summer school teacher (sorry I forgot the name) She taught us so well the basic sewing, cooking, cross-stitching.

Life in this world is really unpredictable the things you hate before might be the things you will love today.

As a married woman, I am so in love doing all those things. Cooking, baking, sewing name it all and I will do it all. 🙂

My advice to this generation young ones be patient and don’t think you know all. Just listen to your teacher and soon you will realize how useful it may be.

–Hubby asked me how I would be transferring the button to the edge? he told me that I need to have a plier to remove it and to buy a new button.
“PinayExpat said, relax, just sit back honey and do your technical works, leave this one to the expert. I only need scissors, needle, and thread and taddahh it perfectly fits you 🙂

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