Looking for Philippines Condominium? Real Estate Journey

Philippines Condominium – My New Real Estate Journey in the Philippines.

Hi Guys! like what I mentioned in my recent post, I am now starting my new career journey in Real Estate Industry.

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As of today, I finished all the basic training and legal requirements for me to pursue this profession.

Yes, you read it right, being a real estate salesperson here in the Philippines is a serious job. It is not just a normal giving out flyers work like what you see everywhere. Instead, this is a job that a real estate professional is taking seriously. This is not just a job but a service to aspiring property owners to help them achieve their goals by educating them on the suitable property they can invest in.

Our batch 2021 went through massive sales training, and project details orientation. Our company ensures to provide us this training as they value providing our client not just a complete information but the accurate ones.

From the first week of January, I was attending different classes online. From sales lesson, real estate code & ethics to taxation, aside from the time to time product orientation that our company is providing

Thankfully, I finished them all during the first week of February. After that, I processed all my documents to be PRC accredited salesperson and register with HLURB. Here in the Philippines, a real estate salesperson should have these two to be a legal agent.

This rule exists a few years back, around 2016. The aim is to ensure that all real estate salespeople are in the capacity to perform this duty. They should adhere to registering their name doing a real estate activity in the Philippines. It is a protection for the buyer and developers too.

In this day, scammers can be found in different industry and real estate is one of those. So if you are planning to purchase your property, either condominium, lots, or house please always remember to check your agent’s document (PRC & HLURB) this is your protection.

The Project I am handling

If you are looking for property investment here in the Philippines, you may message me directly. I can assist you with;

  • Pre-selling condominiums
  • Residential lots
  • Commercial lots
  • and even office space.


My project details are posted on this website.


Authorized Property Specialist
Registered Real Estate Sales Person
PRC OR# 17868281A Valid until: December 31, 2021
HLURB OR# A04158225 Valid until: December 31, 2021
Under the supervision of:
K. Anne Sarreal (Broker)
PRC License No.: 0016763 Valid until: August 30, 2022
HLRUB OR# A04157984 Valid until: December 31, 2021

I will be sharing with you soon not just about my projects, but also my journey in becoming a real estate professional. So in case, you would want to try this path as well you will have a bit of background of the industry.



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