Affordable House for Filipino, made for a normal worker

Affordable house for Filipino, and the house type that normal Filipino workers can have.


This post is just to share about the Affordable house for Filipino, especially for those planning to buy their first ever house

This article is not made to promote or sell any real estate property


One of the most expensive purchases that an individual can do in their life is buying their own real estate property.

The amount that you need to spend to achieve this goal is not simple. You will need time, hard work, and a lot of effort to fulfill it.

In fact, in the Philippines, this is one of the top dreams of many families or individuals. A house that they can be proud of and call their own.

However, no matter how Filipino has a big dream for this, their hard work is not a guarantee that they can reach this dream.

The continued price hike affects the ability of the normal worker to buy even a simple property. The average salary is not balanced to support daily living expenses, and it would be harder if to add a monthly house amortization.

In the end, the Filipino hard-working employee tends to get rid of the idea of owning a house, as they are losing hope if they can really fulfill it.

Sadly, there is a greater number who opt to rent a house forever. The fear of taking a housing loan while paying for rent is so real for them.

Their eagerness and passion in improving their lives are not enough as the reality of lacking funds is very hard.

Because of these limitations, many Filipino chose to work abroad. From there, they gain hope that one day the simple dream house they always wish for can turn into reality. Though they will need to sacrifice a lot if they choose to go abroad, it is nothing to them comparing to the quality of life they might have in the future.

To have peace of mind is one of many reasons why Filipino see owning a house as very important. For many, a House gives protection and a sense of security that whatever happens, they have a roof to stay at and never worry of being evicted.

In addition to the above, having own house gives one pride, dignity, and the image that he is responsible for all his earnings.

Though we know what financial experts say, that a house is not an investment and renting is better. For me, I believe that it depends based on your situation, habits, and needs. 

Take time to know yourself better when it comes to spending attitude, be true to yourself. If you think that you are impulsive and spending a lot when you have cash on hand, I think you would agree that it is best to decide on investing as early as possible in your first real estate property.

Do it while you are young and still have a good source of income. Take this advantage instead of buying stuff that is losing its value.

When you reach your middle-age you will be thankful that you invest in the early stage, while a regret if you will delay this.


But before jumping finally in investing in your first real estate, take a seat back and think some of this important points that will help your decision process;

Your Purpose

Think your reasons of why do you want to invest now in your house. What is the purpose of it, are you planning to live there as soon as the turn over date, or you intend to use it for a rental business.

Check the Location

Once you already know your purpose, consider now the location of your target house according to your purpose.
Make a lot of research about the housing project in your location. It is very important to have site visit so you can see the actual location and the areas nearby so you can avoid unexpected surprises later on. You wouldn’t want to buy a house in the area that is prone with flood or land slide right?

Do your Task

Review the cost and if that is affordable for you. The down payment may look enticing, but always consider the monthly amortization cost if you can still sustain it. Never commit to the monthly amortization that will paralyze your income. If you didn’t understand the costing from your agent, always ask and verify the tiniest details. Compute, compute and re compute if possible so you will be sure if you can afford that offer.

consider but never let any one dictate you

In the time you decide which property you will be buying, you might hear many side comments from some one either good or demotivating comments. If they are not impress in the property you plan to buy, don’t let them dictate you about what is the best. Listen to their suggestions and weigh it according to your preference.

Another research

Aside from a lot of research you need to do, from the unit price, location, include as well in checking the reputation of the developer in the market. Most of the developer’s bad image are; not committing in the turn over date, or they are not totally finishing a project, you should be familiar with the developer integrity. Facing a lot of problems about the developer is the last thing you would want to have about your house project

Decide Wisely

Never get pressure by your real estate sales persons ideas, no matter how good their offers are, the last decision is yours. This is your long term commitment that you need to be responsible about and not your agent. Your agent will be grateful in your trust and the commission they will have from your transactions, but they will not be responsible in any wrong decision you would made.


I know there are still many more points to consider before deciding on buying a house. But for now, I guess these are the main points; once I remember or learn more practical tips, I will be updating this article. For the first stage of planning, the above is good enough for your preparation.

What do you have in mind when thinking of buying a house? Maybe you are imagining an elegant, high roof big house with spacious parking and a high roof. But in reality, a typical Filipino worker can only have a simple house design. And that will already cost a minimum of half-million to 2 million. That includes a less than 100sqm lot in a new subdivision development outside the Metro Manila.

According to research, the below are the most housing type that a typical Filipino worker can afford. (This is for the housing development project only)
What did you feel when seeing these houses? are you excited or disappointed with how expensive owning a property is in a private subdivision lot?

You are right! Owning a house and lot now and not even in a luxury private subdivision is very expensive. But don’t be disappointed if you cannot afford the big dream house that you are imagining like in the feature image above. In this time, we need to be practical. What important are, you have a safe, comfortable home to live in and call your own.

Owning a property is really costly, do not rush with your decision without thinking first the above points, and please plan your action wisely!


Affordable House for Filipino

1.The cheapest housing project : Row House with a starting point of half million pesos.

Affordable house for Filipino row house

2.Duplex Bungalow House

Affordable house for Filipino duplex bungalow

3.Town House Style

Affordable house for Filipino townhouse

3. Duplex Up & Down House

Affordable house for Filipino duplex town house

4.Single Detached House


Photos are for illustrative purpose only, credit to owner

This post is just to share about the Affordable house for Filipino. Especially for those planning to buy their first ever house

This article is not made to promote or sell any real estate property




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