My worst experience in Cebu Pacific Airline

I heard a lot of bad reviews about the Cebu Pacific Airline, from the delayed flights, not so professional customer service, and how the chairs are so uncomfortable and the seat’s pitch are really tight.

That is why I never give an attention or interest every time they are posting a promo fare to Manila/Dubai, no matter how to look interesting it is!

But during my last vacation I don’t have any choice but to visit their site and check their offers as most of the flights in other airlines bound to Dubai from Manila are extremely expensive, the prices are not fit my budget, since I will be paying for my own ticket I need to get the cheapest as much as possible. I used two different airlines, for my Manila flight but there is no available flight on my preferred return date so I need to check for an alternative.

And yeah it is really more affordable compared to others, my husband didn’t agree at first because of the negative reviews he read, he is worried because I will be traveling alone and it might difficult for me if the seats are not so comfortable because of my scoliosis problem. But what we can do this is the only one we can afford with, I convinced him that I can do it, don’t worry, I will be fine etc.

Anyways, I really have this talent of convincing myself. No matter how ugly the situations are or the things are I am always trying my best to see the beauty and positive on it. So I just told my mind, it is only 08 hours flight, you can just sleep the entire flight duration and you will not notice you are already in your destination, a little sacrifice will not harm you!

Finally, my flight to Dubai is here, to be honest, I am a bit nervous and worried. Upon entering the plane I was really disappointed, I was thinking the worst and ugliest aircraft, I was thinking a really tight space and the chairs are really small. But it is not, the plane is decent, the seat pitch is fine with me I am not sure if it’s because my body structure and height are average so the small space and chair don’t bother me at all.

The chair may not be so comfortable compared to others, but it is bearable.

Cebu Pacific is an economy airline so we can’t really expect much from them, if we will be able to find a good promo fare it is really a good deal rather than not having an option like before, that the only airline has a straight flight from Dubai are Emirates Airline & Philippines Airline and, not most of us can afford it.

For some it is hassle as Cebu Pacific fare are not including the meal, but you have an option for advance meal reservation and can be paid through online, this is fine with me as normally I don’t have an appetite to eat during flight, I prefer to sleep and just have a light snack like chips, sandwich or biscuits so I just brought mine and  bought drinks on board.

For the luggage I also paid it separately, in total I spend around AED600.00 one way from Manila to Dubai considering the date is on peak season.

My airplane experience is not ideal but it is fine, If I will base the quality on the price I paid for it is acceptable even the flight is smooth I felt safe and comfortable, cabin crews are accommodating as well.

For some, Cebu Pacific might be their worst flight but in my case, I only faced few issues, though they are an economy airline I believe that they can and should improve their service better.

My worst experience with them is not the flight, nor the plane but some of their customer service which I will be sharing in my next blog.

I posted few photos of their menu on board;


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