Kite beach in Dubai during winter season

Kite Beach, my relaxation escape. After working hard for the past few days I am really exhausted and stressed I feel sick and can’t breathe.

I supposed to go to the clinic to have my check up, but seeing a doctor is actually not making me feel better instead I am getting worried and anxious on what would be the result.

It’s a good thing I read a motivating book yesterday and it has a practical advice for those people who are feeling depressed and gloomy. Few of them are, to be realistic, should have enough sleep, exercise, appreciate the God’s creation and have alone time.

And that’s why I did, I went to the beach this afternoon alone. I sat on the bench and enjoying the view while having my mixed fruit juice and one bar of chocolate 🙂 It is really helpful and makes one happy to see the natural God’s gift to mankind, the trees, birds, and sounds of waves helps me to feel relax and calm, the chocolates are only added to that.

The weather is nice and terribly cold, it is a good thing at least I enjoyed the few days of this season, summer is on its way again.

A lot of kids are there, playing around and no trace of problems can be seen on their faces. I missed being a child that moment, that the only problems are weekend is over and need to go school again, not worrying a lot of things and not anxious on what would happen to future.

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