Louis Vuitton mini pochette accessoires 3 years old

A lot of fashionable and chic lady would agree with me, that this cute pouch is really adorable. I love this mini purse from Louis Vuitton it is the Mini Pochette Accessoires in monogram.

I had it since 2013, from then I totally and literally didn’t stop using it. Sometimes I am using it as a makeup pouch, yeah I know, it is too small but if you would be bringing only the essential items it would fit.

This little guy is always with me, when I am doing my groceries and if I just need to go out quickly instead of bringing my full-size bag.

And most of the time I am using it as my wallet, it is a bit cheaper from the actual wallet of the same brand but this one is more functional.

I love keeping as well the packaging of it, in case I would like to sell it 🙂 but it never happens

As a make up pouch, it is small but all I need are there. Liquid foundation, powder, blusher, eyeshadows/eyebrow powder, lip gloss, lipstick and small mirror. Small pouch but holds a lot

Can I zip it or not?

I can! and it didn’t stretch the canvas much.

As a purse.


And as a wallet, I normally placing that pink card/id holder inside just to be more organize:)

I am looking for a long strap to use it as cross body purse, but purchasing it in LV store would be a NO NO for me that would be too much, too impractical, too costly etc.

Any suggestion guys what to use for strap without spending much.

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