Traze App for easy contact tracing, download it now

Traze App for easy contact tracing, download it now

COVID-19 Travel restrictions now in the Philippines are slowly calming down. From essential travels now it is on its way to leisure travel as tourism will be opening soon.

With this, we will be expecting that many of our countrymen will surely plan their travel very soon. Worries of spreading the virus and trace contact might be challenging and chaotic.

Great that Traze App has been launched by the Department of Transportation. Hope this tracing application will ease up the process of contact tracing.

By November 28, 2020 it would be mandatory that everyone who flies in and out of the country will need to have this app downloaded on their smart phone. Be sure that you will do the registration before proceeding to the airport.

Cosmotech Philippines Inc. and The Philippine Ports Authority develop the Traze App, with the aim of unifying and easing up the contact tracing in the country. According to DOTr, this application will be use in other mode of transportation, barangay, and establishments.

Traze App benefits

  • Reducing your risk of getting a virus since you will not need to fill up a manual contact tracing form,
  • You will be receiving an alert once you’ve been contacted with a COVID-19 positive patient. That will allow you to do self isolation for protection. And once you experience symptoms you may approach for a immediate medical help
  • Time saving

Here is the link to download the APP



Few questions or worries that might on your mind


In case you don’t have a mobile or any device to download the app

You may go to the Malasakit Helpdesk at the airport, their team will be assisting you to have a unique QR code. They may likewise ask a family member to register you with the app

Does the Traze App track your location?

No. this app is not using bluetooth or GPS to track your location. They use QR code technology and send the data to their server. Every 30 days they are deleting data.

Will Traze App still work even without data?

After downloading the app and activating it, you can still use it without data or WIFI. However you need to have internet connection to update the Traze history

Is there any fee to pay to download this app?

None, Traze app can be download free.


As per few reviews and comments, they are getting some error in downloading and registration. If you will experience the same, you may reach Traze App with their for assistance website


For further details of using Traze App, you may watch the below video

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