Shabu Shabu at Home in Simple Style, Healthy and Easy

Shabu Shabu at Home in Simple Style, Healthy and Easy

Most of the Filipinos  love exploring different international cuisine, we are adventurous in finding a delicious and in-demand food of other countries.

Having many different kind of restaurants in the country shows that Pinoy’s love food exploration.

One of many favorite and our family as well is the ShabuShabu. Aside from the delicious taste we love the bonding it gives while enjoying this dish.

What is Shabu Shabu?

It is one of Japan’s famous hot pot dishes along with Sukiyaki. The ShabuShabu name is Japanese onomatopoeic. It came from the sound when you stir the vegetables and meat with your chopstick and swish swish in the hot pot.


The meal concept is fun as everyone will sit around the hot pot table, cooks and eats together while sharing a good story. It is not just a meal to enjoy but the moment is the best part

From the market there are different kinds of hot pot meal you can find with different ingredients.

Normally the ingredients are thin cut beef, mushrooms, tofu, meat or seafood balls and  different vegetables.

But if you don’t have the above you can always find an alternative ones.

Since we are being so careful nowadays in going out, we prefer to have ShabuShabu at home.

Myself don’t actually know how to prepare this dish from the scratch, my mom is the master every time our family want to have a little special dinner. This is her recipe, a special menu she is always proud preparing for us.

We had it for dinner last weekend, great for a rainy season here in the Philippines. The hot soup is just great to warm my body.

The ingredients are simple and easy to prepare for a quick ShabuShabu Dinner.


Pack of different sea food balls
Shabu Shabu broth

Shabu Shabu at Home in Simple Style

Shabu Shabu mixed balls

Very Pinoy, nice to have it along with mixed fried rice.

I am not sure if you like your hot pot to have a kimchi side dish, but for me its combination is great.

Fresh Tofu, we bought this from our trusted Taho vendor.

Spicy sauce, combination of kikoman, sesame oil, chili and onion spring.

The noodles type we are using.

Shabu Shabu noodles

We enjoyed this meal at our outdoor garden, so perfect with this great weather.

Shabu Shabu


Have yo done your hotpot session at home? share us your recipe!

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