Pampangenos Restaurant never disappoints me

We accompanied my brother in law in Deira this evening for his exit to Oman for visa change, hopefully, he would be able to find job on his comeback 🙂

Then, my miw and I went to our favorite Filipino restaurant for our dinner since it is a bit late to prepare a home cooked meal and we are really starving.

Though this is one of our most liked restaurants here in Dubai this is my first time to do blog about this humble and simple food hub none other than the Pampangenos Restaurant in Karama.

-Their menu, prices are reasonable, approximately AED 70.0 for two persons would be enough-

If you read my previous Pinoy restaurant food explorations article, I always mentioned some specific foods that I love in this outlet.

I am not sure if many would agree with my judgment on the taste of their foods, but my hubby and I really love their dishes since the first day we tried their cuisines.

The restaurant is divided into two parts, they have a separate venue for a private catering, I think it can fit up to 50-60 pax. They have a variety of good group packages with the reasonable price.

-the place is simple with relaxing vibrant yellow-green color, staffs are friendly and accommodating-

We’ve been eating here for more than 2 years and we can say that the consistency of the taste of their foods never changed, especially our favorite seafood Lomi & sizzling chicken sisig.

And that’s what we had for our dinner, and we ordered some for takeaways.

Sizzling Sisig @ AED23.00-

Seafood Lomi @ AED 18.00-

And of course, the meal will not be complete without this all-time favorite white rice 🙂

Jasmine rice @ AED6.00-

Though we are really hungry, we need to control ourselves for health reasons, strictly no extra rice for us.

Our overall experience tonight is satisfying except for the below complimentary soup, normally they are providing the corn soup, but it is not available tonight so they provided the bulalo soup, taste is good but we need to avoid too many cholesterols 🙂

If you haven’t tried this restaurant yet, you need to review your upcoming food trip plans and include this in your list.


Ground Level, Ansar Gallery, Al Karama, Dubai
04 3961446


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