cat in uae bob

Cat in UAE- He was asking for food I gave him Roof & Name

Cat in UAE so pretty, cute, and free.

It was September 2018 when this tiny cute creature approaches us, asking for help.

Don and I just finished our dinner from the Chinese Cafeteria at International City Dubai at that time.

He keeps on myeowning as if convincing us for something.

Then, we jokingly told him “come with us at home, we will feed you”

To our surprise, he jumps off to our car hood cover.

What he did gave us a smile and that convinced us to give him a little snack from cat food of Simon (my original baby)

Don carried him and we drove home. Upon entering our house, Simon welcomes us with curious eyes. It’s been a while since the last time Simon saw a fellow cat.

cat in uae first day

We feed Bob and gave him milk.

The supposed to be getting only a one-day free meal, he gets a roof and the best is a name symbolizing that we will be taking care of him. We gave him a meaningful name BOB (from the movie cat named Bob)

Cat in uae bob

Bob is a sweet, loving, and funny cat. Those traits he shows touch Don and my heart, to love him is easy. We decided to keep and take care of him.

But due to the COVID Pandemic, Don and I decided to go back home. Surviving in UAE without a permanent job is impossible for us. Though it is painful for us, we let go Bob.

Fur parents may judge us with that decision, but due to the many issues we are facing that is the best option we had.

Reaching now for almost a month far from my Bob, I am starting to miss him. Good, I have a few photos of him that I can look back on every time I miss him.

My Bob Photos
Cat in uae travel

Bob first roam around in Dubai

Bob loves to sleep like a baby.

Every time I am seeing him sleeping like a baby makes me smile. Comforting him with a blanket makes him more relaxed.

Cat in uae sleeping

One of his uncontrollable habits is sleeping with us, sneaking in our bed.

Aside from being a fan of sleeping like me, Bob loves sightseeing as well. Seating and relaxing at our window are one of his hobbies.

cat in uae window

He was playing with the birds at this time

Nighttime enjoying the vibrant view outside

Despite Bob’s lovable attitude, his life with us was not as easy as that. He struggles and bears pain in dealing with Simon.

Simon was with us for almost 6 years the time Bob came into our life. I think Simon felt a little jealous when my attention went to Bob.

One time, while enjoying the view from our window Bob accidentally fell. After my observation, it seems he fights with Simon at that time.

Thankfully Bob didn’t have a major injury.

cat in uae accident

After we rescued him. He became so silent for a week before he recovers.

I really feel sorry for Bob, after that, I didn’t let him sit again near our window. Instead, we provide him a place to do his favorite sightseeing hobby in a secured area.

It was in our restroom, he has a little window to see the world.

From many of Bob’s adventures, our beach bonding is my favorite one. At first, he was afraid of the wave, but then he used to it. In fact, it became our weekend activity.

His new cage for our beach day

cat in uae beach day

Al Zorah Ajman Beach sunset view

cat in uae photo

These photos remind me of my good and sad moments with Bob.

Leaving him is the hardest part of my exit from the UAE. Thankfully that my fellow Filipina, his adoptive new mommy is regularly updating me of Bob’s status. I know Bob is in the right place.

My Realization of having Cat in UAE

Having a cat in UAE  is easy, all the cutest you can imagine is available even for free. But having a fur companion is not just about that, it has an obligation attached to it.

Bob gave me happiness and realization to never take responsibility if I can’t fulfill it. I know in my heart I have my most valid reason for leaving Bob. But still, I was irresponsible about not being ready of bringing him with me.

Goodbye Simon and Bob, the hardest part of leaving UAE

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