Ramadan 2018 Dubai-Avoid penalties by showing respect

Few more days to go and the Ramadan occasion is about to begin!

It would fall approximately May 15 till June 14, 2018.

As an expat, we are all expected to respect and consider those people who are participating in this occasion. We know that violating some rules might lead to penalties. But more than that we should be more concern about showing respect in this country’s tradition and people.

A simple act of respect and avoiding the below shows our gratefulness from all the blessings we got from UAE.

  1. During fasting hours, ensure not to eat nor drink in public area. Most Muslims are fasting during Ramadan (exception for elderly people, pregnant women and those who has health problems)
  2. There are few people tend to forget this. Even chewing a gum & having candies are not allowed to do publicly during Ramadan.
  3. Be considerate and Don’t play loud music as you may offend those who are fasting and meditating. It is advisable to use headphones or earphones if you want to listen to a music in public area. Still be mindful that it is not audible to people around you.
  4. More than the sound speakers we should guard our mouth of not talking loudly. Whether in public area or even at working place where some of our colleagues might be on fasting.
  5. Wear modesty and avoid wearing shorts dress, revealing and fit clothes.
  6. This rule applied throughout the year but most especially during Ramadan which one? “the public display of affections”. This should be avoided by all couples (applicable to a married couple as well)
  7. For those tobacco lovers, use this chance to finally quit. Smoking publicly and even during Iftar time is not tolerable during the Ramadan period.
  8. This period is a month of peace and serenity avoid as much as you can to get in debates, arguments or fights.

Always remember the key to a better understanding no matter what nations or beliefs we have is Respect. By doing this we are helping this country in maintaining the peaceful environment. And because of that UAE remains as a lovable place to live in for millions of expats.


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