Saltwater Fish Dubai my Hubby is Hobbyist

Saltwater Fish my Hubby is Hobbyist

Saltwater fish, my husband’s buddy. To be honest, I don’t know exactly what kind of happiness you can get from having this small creature as your pet.

I ‘ve got to know this thing from my husband whom he considers himself a hobbyist. The first time I saw him building the aquarium and told me that soon he will have his saltwater fishes and some corals my eyes just hardly roll up and down.

saltwater fish- aquarium

All I understood at that moment is, you will occupy a lot of space again from our house.

I love my husband to the fullest, all his strengths and weaknesses. I know from the start of our relationship how he loves discovering and exploring new things, but sometimes I am getting fed up.

Fed up not exactly from him, but from all the clutter I can see in our house. If he can see this post the word “clutter” would trigger his ears, those things are actually his precious tools.

I know those stuff are not literally clutter or useless, it is actually very helpful every time we need to fix something at the house. Those things save us a lot of money from not calling paid maintenance.

But I know a lot of ladies would understand my sentiments. Especially if you are living in a small studio apartment wherein space is a very tight end to end.

Achieving a Pinterest inspired room would never be possible for me, as when you enter the room you can feel that the person living there is Mr. Handy Man.

But it is alright, I am thankful for my mini office space having some of my pink stuff. However, no matter how much I arrange my office position or angle I would still see his area full of tools.

As per him, he has been like that from childhood. Up to now despite his busy work schedule he never fall out of love to his craft. Those abilities are actually the traits that impressed me when he was courting me. I felt that he is the man who can do everything and almost know it all.

Back to his aquarium, I never give much attention to it since he has it. All that I know is, he enjoys what he is doing and he loves those colorful small fishes.

Still, I never appreciate that hobby till the COVID Lockdown moment happened. Those small creatures help me to feel relax and refresh even we are stuck at home for many days.

I never realize that feelings of relaxation hubby is getting from it is real,

Saltwater fish - nemo

I thought saltwater fish are not possible to be your love pet as they don’t have much interaction with human. But I was wrong, by giving them my attention I saw that like every living creations they have their unique traits that you will fell in love.

Saltwater fish - blue

With our two cats and these saltwater fishes, I would say that our house might be full and bit messy but we are full of their love. They are the housemates that make us happy in their own little way.

How about you ladies, do you have the same experience as mine. Wherein your hubby’s passion that you initially don’t like but you fell for it eventually:) share it with us!


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