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COVID Lockdown Activities, sleeping the whole day?

what COVID Lockdown activities you had done guys?

Hi everyone, some of you might still on Lockdown situation, while some are already back to their work. Regardless of our situations I just wish that all of you are in shape and positive to face this crisis.

Today is 30th April 2020 almost a month now of my local force leave due to COVID issues, while my husband resume already to work two days back. Despite their company back on the operation, we are not sure what their company’s economical status so far. We are hoping and praying that everything will be better.

For almost a month of staying at home, I gave my very best to be positive and productive. It is not easy, as I know very well the impact of this crisis on everyone’s lives.

Same with many OFW, I would say that I am not yet ready to give up my work abroad. Not just because of material matter but hubby and I still have few plans working on.  This includes how we can properly take care of each of our parents fairly and practically.

COVID crisis worries me a lot, despite I know that God will provide, sometimes I feel anxious about the future. It is normal as we are imperfect humans.

The negative thoughts are time to time running in my mind, but I am trying hard to look on the positive side that this Lockdown brought me. When you are feeling down there is a chance that you don’t feel to do even the most thing you love. But life must go on, I need to do something and keep focus.

Below are my COVID Lockdown activities that I have done;  that I think helps me stay positive.

Me Time.

During my normal working day, I must say that my time for myself is not quality time. From 06:00 am till 10:00 pm I am always on a rush in preparing hubby’s and I things for work, including food preparations and maintaining the house. I always felt that time is so fast and not enough to do all the things I want to do. That is why during this short break I ensure to give myself time to do all the stuff that I want to accomplish.

Top of it is to complete my 8-10 hours sleep, read and watch whatever show I found entertaining and positive. To lay my hand in my elliptical machine which has been untouched for over 3 months now. For the past days, I would say that I had given myself the right care which I believe all of us deserve.

Covid Lockdown activities- me time

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Parents Time

As I’ve shared in my previous blog my family is in a deep heartbreaking situation due to my father’s health condition. He is suffering from colon cancer and currently under chemotherapy. Since I came back from my trip I barely spoke with my parents due to the 4 hours time difference between UAE and the Philippines. Catching up with them is a bit challenging, the moment I reach home they are already on the bed. And during the weekend the internet connection is terribly slow for a video conference call. The only chance I can talk to them is my thirty minutes phone call once a week, but that is not enough.

During this break, I am always in touch with them, thrice a week with a minimum of 4 hours each call. That is awesome, I felt that though I am far I am with them to fight their battle.

Covid Lockdown activities call your parents

Quality time with hubby.

Hubby and I are both on mandatory leave, we are glad that at least we will be together for a longer time. Though the impact of this financially will be challenging for the coming months we are fine to stay home. The COVID situation was at a peak in the time each of our companies decides to send their staff on mandatory leave. Safety is more important definitely.

The days we are at home, we are not always in the cuddling moment, both of us are busy as well doing each of our hobbies. But the happy part is we know we are together and talking to each other from time to time. We ensure that we will use this break wisely to strengthen our marriage bond despite a lot of trials.

Covid Lockdown activities with husband

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Healthy Meal.

When you are working full time, preparing a healthy meal is always a challenge. No matter how much I try to prepare our food by my hands, there is always time, once a week that we are having to take out food from various fast-food chains. At our age, we need to properly watch our food diet and lessen unhealthy foods. But my weakening and lazy body are stronger than my thoughts of preparing a home-cooked meal. I never thought that we can last for months without ordering outside and found myself constantly in the kitchen and preparing our meal.

This is a great practice that I would want to apply when all things back to normal.

Covid Lockdown activities - cooking

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Future Preparation

Hubby and I are planning for early retirement as an OFW. We set in our minds that we will work and save hard for the coming five years. Then we will retire by the age of forty to enjoy life. Enjoy, not means of no longer working, instead, we would like to continue our life in the Philippines working in our time convenience. The time we spent during this break is a practice for us to see if we can really work together as a team, at home in the future.

Working from home is one of our vision in the time we go back, we are still thinking exactly what type of work would that be. But we are in the planning stage.

For the past days of helping hubby with some of his online side jobs,  I must say that I enjoy doing it. Maybe we are on the right path? we never know, let us just see where life would lead us.

couple planning

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“Finding the good side on all things is a talent that we can practice.

I know that not all of us are in the same positions to see the positive of this worst situation, as we are in different conditions and facing different problems. But there is one common thing, all of us are worrying about the future. It is up to us now on how to handle and see things to survive.

Like many other people, hubby and I are suffering from this crisis badly and worrying what if we suddenly lose our job, we are not ready at this stage. We still have a lot of plans and preparation to do. But, we have to accept that in life, there will always be uncontrollable things that might happen.

We will be afraid, but I don’t want that worries or fear beat me and lose my passion and motivation. We decided to continue doing whatever task I am doing now, preparing myself and if some unexpected things happen I know God above will never leave us.

At this time that all our unsure, I can only pass my worries upon Him and trust Him.

Thanks for reading, keep safe everyone and stay happy!

COVID Lockdown Activities-COVID Lockdown Activities-COVID Lockdown Activities-

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