Benefits of Chili

Spicy Food So Yummy, Know The Benefits of Chili

The Benefits of Chili

Chili, Spicy, Yummy, Yes, I love Spicy Food.

Many years back there is one certain province in the Philippines that is known for having the spiciest food, and that is in Bicol. When we heard a person who so loves to eat a spicy food we would assume that; “maybe he/she is from Bicöl Province”

But lately, many Pinoys seems to be a fan of a spicy meal, it is now common. Noticeably, we can see in many restaurants or even fast-food chains, that they have always an option for a spicy meal.

Same with these Pinoys, I am also a fan of spicy food.

I feel that my meal is incomplete if without a bit of spicy on it. My meal appetite when having a spicy meal is far different from non-spicy food. Spicy food is my definition of delicious.


However, chili is not just about appetizing or giving a good taste to the meal. It has also many good health benefits that we may not be aware of.

Let me share with you Chili-Lover the benefits of Chili according to few studies

With these benefits, you can justify the advantage of being a spicy food lover. But it doesn’t mean on not controlling yourself from eating more of a spicy meal, moderation should always consider.

Possible Benefits of Chili
  • Spicy foods may help our heart stay healthy
  • Promotes lose weight, one of the main content of chili which is Capsaicin boost our metabolism that helps burn the calories
  • Lower blood level
  • Effective pain reliever

According to experts, they are still conducting further studies on the benefits of chili.


    Fresh red chili to crunchy chili garlic oil, easy steps to do it.

This morning while browsing my mobile, I saw these photos taken when I was still in UAE. It was my rest day from work and preparing my favorite chili oil.

My effort to prepare it by hand proves my addiction to spicy meals. Having this condiment at my pantry surely will increase my meal appetite. That is why I need to be balance and watchful on my diet, and remind myself of lessening having more rice while I still have this chili oil.

Ingredients are,
  • red chili, garlic, cooking oil, and a pinch of salt

Benefits of Chili


  • wash the chili with running water, then dry it up
  • crush the chili, you have the option of manually crush it with your full hand power, or can use a blender.

Benefits of Chili

  • thinly chop the garlic

  • In a low heat of pan with cooking oil, saute the garlic till golden brown (not burn) then add the chili
  • continue stirring, add a pinch of salt till you reach whatever texture you prefer.

For me, I prefer to have it crunchy like this.

Make sure to cool it down before tightening the jar to last longer. You can use this as your normal dip sauce or additional spices in your home-cooked cuisine.


An additional story about my love for spicy food:)

My father has a big influence on my love for spicy food, I grew up seeing him enjoying every last broth of Sinigang with his “siling labuyo with fish sauce’. Every time I am having the same dish I can clearly recall his younger face then. I am not sure if this is one of the factors why I love spicy food.




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