Our 3DinnerMeal at AED31.60 or PHP444.00

Budget, Budget, and Budget! These are the key for many Overseas Filipino workers to reach their goal fast.

Though the OFW’s are working in richer countries, it doesn’t mean they are not affected by the basic price increase.

The salary they might be getting abroad is way higher than the Philippines rate. But they need to spend and live their life according to the cost of living in that country.

A realistic example for me is, of course, the UAE since I’ve been here for quite long. I would say that I’ve seen how the cost of living here increases. Before many Filipinos are enjoying the market price affordability. Believe it or not, vendors in wet markets are even giving free fishes in certain time.

Good budgeting was not an always option then. But now a strict budget is totally needed and all OFW must learn and apply to themselves. If not, even the simplest dream before we left the Philippines might be hard to achieve.

So many are really adjusting. Each one of us has our own style on which aspect to cut down the expenses.

Comparing to other situation I would say that mine is a bit easier to manage.

My budgeting rule covers only for 2 persons (Hubby & I – no kids involve)

One of the things that we really cut down is our daily dine out.

We neglect the responsibility of preparing a home-cooked meal. Tired from work is always our justification to eat out. It is really true, but that is not the right thing to do. Aside from spending a lot in this aspect, this is not a healthy option as well.

The minimum cost of Filipino food restaurant to spend here is at least AED20.00 per person. It has 2 dishes and rice, imagine how much many Pinoy’s are spending on a meal. They are not splurging but the lifestyle here is sometimes tiring. And if one is living in a sharing space they might find a hassle to cook every day.

Since hubby and I are living in low rental houses area in UAE we are thankful that we have our own space. And because of this, we should not have an alibi on why we are not preparing our own meal.

It takes us an effort, time and extra energy to change our lifestyle for a better. And we would say that we really save a huge amount from this adjustment. It was hard at the start as I need to balance my time doing a lot of stuff. But I know this little sacrifice will have a good result in the future.

Gradually, I appreciate the art of cooking. And totally realize that cooking at home is practical and worth it.

I am not an expert and I know there are lower meals I can do with this amount. But this is the meal plan I need to prepare as per my weekly menu plan.

Total spent on below ingredients is AED31.60

Dishes I prepared. (1. Buttered Salmon with a fried egg) / (2. Ginataang Chicken with kalabasa and long beans) / (3. Binagoongang Chicken with long beans)

(Some of the ingredients such a coconut powder, shrimp paste, egg, butter are my basic stock in my pantry)



Everything is possible if we are determined. Practicality, Savings should be the mindset of many OverSeas Filipino Worker so we can retire together as early as possible to be with our families.

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