Tam-Awan Village another attraction near Stone Kingdom

Tam-Awan Village

Just half mile away from Igorot Stone Kingdom you can also visit the Tam-Awan Village.

This is a great addition to your itinerary if in case you are thinking whereelse you can go after spending great time at Stone Kingdom.

Tam-Awan Village is also known as the Garden in the Sky it  is a venue for art and cultural activities that would enhance appreciation of culture and beauty.

Tam-Awan is a local word which means ‘vantage point’ or a place for seeing a scenery at a higher spot.

During my trip

Entrance fee is Php60.00 and you can enjoy the place for the whole day; if you love art this is a perfect place for you. You can see here different paintings and art works.

While for me, it’s ambiance is enough to relax and appreciate our nature. The village is surrounded by many green trees the moist is refreshing in feeling.

Walking around you will see the Cordillera’s various traditional village hut, from here you can really feel and picture out the simple but sustainable living of Ifugao.

I was grateful to see also the live cultural dance performance of  these talented artists.

Best part is, tourist can enjoy dancing with them too.

Aside from the beautiful memories you can also bring a piece of Tam-Awan village home with their variety of souvenirs.

Honestly, I didn’t have any idea at all what is this tourist attraction all about. I was only looking for a place nearby Stone Kingdom to spend my extra hours and I saw the Tam-Awan village from the map. Thanks to reliable google map, I’ve got a chance to see and experience this amazing place.

Just few walk away from Tam-Awan Village you can also visit the famous Igorot Stone Kingdom⬇️

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