The Easy and Hard Question to Answer During Job Interview

The Easy & Hard Question to Answer During Job Interview – Tell me something about yourself

Laid off from a job,  salary cut, no work no pay; are just some of the major problems of many people are facing now. This is one of the most challenging effects of COVID Pandemic to an individual.

The work you loved and valued so much is just a memory now.

Though it is painful you have to be strong to face this challenge bravely.

Facing it is the only option you have, blame yourself or someone is totally nonsense. What you need to do now is, take an action and plan well for your next job application.

It is for sure with your hard work, perseverance you can get a job sooner. It might not be the best job or salary like what you had before, but what matters now is you have a source to pay the necessities. When things get better it would be another chance for you to bounce back.

Preparing yourself for job searches and attending an interview is smart. Now that getting a good job is hard and the competition is fierce, you have to strive to prepare to sell your main product, and it is yourself.

The first practical step is practicing how you will answer this common question during the interview. This question sounds very easy, but many applicants are failing to impress the interviewer with their answers. it is can you tell me something about yourself?

If you are having a hard time constructing a clear answer to this question, just always remember this is not literally a personal question. The interviewer is not looking forward to hearing about your personal interest, or likes. You need to tell them your professional background that is relevant to the job position you are applying to. You need to mention your strength, and how your previous work experience makes you fit for this position. At this stage, try your best to share your good story.

Things that you can high-light while answering the above question during the job interview

1. Provide your work history.

Though the interviewer has your resume, it is good that you are familiar with the previous work you had.

You can mention how your career started, and connect it to how your skills improve and grow that makes you reach your latest job.

Tell the interviewer the number of years and major responsibility you had to each job role. It will help the interviewer to assess how knowledgeable and competent you are in that field.

Additional useful information you can share with the interviewer is your achievement. Just be watchful on how you will say it. Your aim is not to brag but to let the interviewer know that you are an employee that every company is looking for.

  • Maybe you can mention here your contributions to one specific project that benefits a lot for the company.
2. Create a connection between the interviewer

You can do this if you let them feel that you know what are their expectations from the applicant. It is not just about your strength or ability, but you also know what the company actually needs.

3. You know the role

Before attending the interview, it is best to research and study what are the responsibilities of the role you are applying with. And think what is the behavior should the applicant know and has for that role.

By doing this you are showing that you are very familiar with the position you are aiming for.

  • If you are applying for customer service, you should know the rules and etiquette in this field. For example, you can mention that customer service should have compassion for the client. And you know how to handle well a client’s frustration.
4. Convince that you are the right person

Before ending the interview, make sure to tell them why you are the correct person for that position. Some are hesitating to mention that part especially if the interviewer didn’t ask about it. But still, you can try to find the chance to mention it. You are selling yourself, and you don’t want to miss the chance to promote it well.

There are many good things you can mention during the job interview, but it has a limited time.

Make a list of the most important traits and skills you have that you want the interviewer to know about you. Practice saying it full confidence, this may help you get for that job.


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