After 15 Years of working, now I am confused about finding a new Job

Finding a new job after 15 years of working is not easy…

Hi there for all the people who might pass by my website, maybe you could help me assess myself 🙂

If you are a constant visitor of this website, you probably know that Pinayexpat was based in UAE but now living in the Philippines.

My little story of leaving UAE

Due to the present pandemic that everyone is facing, I do not have a choice but to go back to my country.

Despite I need my previous job so badly I decided to say goodbye to my loving second home UAE.

My decision of leaving UAE comes with many factors. It is not just about the economic crisis or the unstable job situation I experienced. In addition to that, there are family matters that also involves that I need to consider, which is my father’s health condition.

In this article, I shared the saddest thing that happened to my father.

My Father Health Condition

In January 2020 we found out that my father has colon cancer. After that, he undergoes with 2 operations in 6 months. Because of that, he starts losing weight badly, he couldn’t eat well, and we cannot see any good improvement in him after the operation and chemotherapy.

I was thinking hard about the next step I would do when the COVID crisis affects the company I was working for.

If my father’s health condition is good, for sure I will not decide on going back home. I might take the risk of staying in the UAE despite my financial situation was shaking. I might wait for my company’s recovery till they resume operations.

But my father’s real conditions has a big factor in deciding to leave UAE at that time.

The “what if” thoughts in my mind were so scary.

I was afraid to think that what if my father health condition didn’t get better, what if something bad happened to him while I am stuck in UAE? What if they need me for the operations but due to travel restrictions I couldn’t reach him on time.

With all those anxieties, and financial worries I decided to say goodbye to my boss and from UAE.

In the Philippines

Upon reaching the Philippines, I devote my time to monitoring my father’s health condition. I ensure that he will take all his medicines on time, and to attend to all his treatment schedule.

With our full assistance, my father gradually recovers.

He gained weight again, and the gloomy face now looks happier and positive in life.

Since all my siblings are working abroad, my parents in their mid 60’s are responsible for taking care of each other. We know that they are both stressed, tired, and pressure in facing my father’s hard situation for the past months only by themselves.

Though I missed UAE so much, I am not entertaining those thoughts in my mind as much as possible. Regretting my decision of leaving UAE last July would be the last thing my heart would want to do.

I would be always thankful for the decision I made at that time, that is the most practical I can do for my family. Knowing that I help my father in the best I can is irreplaceable.

For the last 2 months, I am accompanying my father daily to his radiation treatment, so glad that his last day of treatment would be on December 23. We are hoping that the outcome would be great news and the pain of having cancer would lessen.

After that, I can go back to focusing on rebuilding myself. But sadly, I feel lost and don’t know where to start.

Why I am lost finding a new job?

I’ve been working in UAE for almost 14 years, I spent my whole career in that country that evolves in the hospitality and events industry. Now that I am out of my comfort zone I am not sure which job should I apply to.

I thought the years of experience abroad would be my sword when starting back here in the Philippines. Far from my imagination, at this age of mid 30 I will start to doubt my skills. I feel so lost on what to do, and where to start.

To be positive is always on my mind, but sometimes negativity is so strong to fight with.

I am confused, and couldn’t focus on what I really want. The only thing I am sure about working is I want to start working online while at home. To save the 5 hours daily travel time is very important for me. That would be great for me to do my job productively. At the same time, I could use that time doing my duties as daughter and wife

If any one of you my dear reader saw this article, and happen to have a great suggestion where I can get an online job I would be so thankful for that. Please help me think and re-assess the career path I should be taking.

Thank you for reading and listening to my worries, it helps me a lot.


Finding a new job in Hospitality Field? 

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