UAE Driving License

UAE Driving License Converting to Philippines License

UAE Driving License conversion to the Philippines License

Can I use my foreign driving license in the Philippines? this is the most question of many overseas Filipino workers planning to drive here while on vacation.

Yes, it is possible. Filipino with foreign driving licenses can use it for 90 days from the date of arrival.

In case you got involved in any traffics violation, do not believe if the enforcer will tell you that foreign license is not applicable.

But in case you are planning to stay in the Philippines longer, you should do the right way of converting it to an applicable driving license.

Steps and requirements are easy so nothing to worry.

  • Original Valid Foreign Driving License
  • Original Passport with the work visa
  • Medical
  • Proof of the last arrival date
  • Filled up application form (from LTO)

You will need to show the Original document of the above, but only the photocopy will be submitted during the process.

I am not fully sure if the information I got from the Marikina LTO branch is 100% accurate, as per them the conversion can only be done in the Main office of LTO. Because of this, I went to the main office in East Avenue Quezon City. For the past two months of my stay here in the Philippines, the license I am only using is the one I had in the UAE. It is time to convert it now.

Procedures at the LTO Office
  • Few steps away from the main entrance you will see an arrow where to apply for a new license. Or you can ask the security guard in case you didn’t find it.
  • Show here your foreign license, passport, and visa copy for the pre-assessment.
  • If all documentation is right they will give you a form to fill out
  • Then you may proceed with the medical. All the clinics are outside the LTO Office, it is a private firm with LTO accreditation. They will do an eye test and color blind test.
  • After medical, go to the license application office. They will inform you which window you need to approach
  • You will show again all the photocopies of the above, including the medical results.
  • They will require you to fill out their portal  (this link) so better do it prior to going there, as their internet connection is a bit slow.
  • After the verification, they will give you a summary of the amount to pay
  • Wait for the call of the cashier, they are announcing it so loud through the microphone so listen 🙂
  • Pay the dues, bring a few smaller cash, the cashier keeps on asking for smaller cash from all the payees the whole time I was there. A bit annoying.
  • After payment, wait for another call for the finger scanning and photo
  • They will scan your right and left four fingers, then a separate scanning for the two thumbs. Next, they will be taking your digital photo and signature.
  • Make sure that all the spelling of your names is correct before the card printing. They will verify it to you before the finger scanning
  • Wait for a few moments for the final call for the license collection.

Base on my experience the whole process from the time I arrive there took 4 hours.


Inside the pre-evaluation, cashier and license collection department

Total Price
  • I spent a total amount of Php1,285.00 
  • Medical Php500.00 / Application Fee Php100.00 / Conversion Fee 100.00 / License fee Php 585.00
  • License validity is up to 5 years.
Notes and Reminders:
  • Bring your pen for health/hygiene reasons
  • Guys shouldn’t wear slippers, sandos, and shorts. You should wear a sock in case you want to go there wearing slippers
  • While for ladies please wear decent clothes
  • Parking is a challenge, try to arrive as early as possible.
  • Closing time is 5:00 PM
  • Be careful and do not deal with fixers.
  • A practical exam is not a requirement.

Goodbye my UAE license, I am not sure if there will be a chance to use you again.

UAE Driving License

UAE Driving License to the Philippines License – UAE Driving License to the Philippines License

My experience with the LTO Officers

Out of my many transactions done for the past months, this process is the less headache one. From the security guard to all the officers that I transact with, all of them are accommodating and sounds friendly.

They assisted us very well and I never encounter any unpleasant way of words like the usual in the government office.

A big thumbs up for the team at LTO Main office, you make this transaction light and easier!


Have a safe and fun driving in the Philippines!


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