The Overseas Filipino Workers the most generous selfish people

Many would agree that the saying “there is no place like home” is totally true.

Even for a long time expat based a thousand miles away from their homeland surely misses their own town.

That is what I exactly feel. There will always be space in our hearts wishing that someday we will never ever leave.

Despite these sentiments of many abroad job seekers we mostly chose to set aside this feeling.

I am thankful that I can relate to their emotions now. Many years back, during my younger years, I never understand that overseas Filipino workers feel this way.

Mom and a few of my relatives used to work in other countries. During the time they are in the Philippines for a vacation, I always heard them saying the word ” I miss”.

I miss my kids, my families, and loved ones sound so overrated!

However, while growing up I gradually understand how love for families connects to sacrifice. I was so wrong thinking that overseas workers don’t mean their words of missing someone.

It seems my mind focuses only on the visible things. I never even think why OFW is having a hard time to decide of just going home. Why I never easily thought these people have a lot of loves and willingness of sacrificing for their loved ones.

Overseas Filipino Workers are the most generous and loving person you will know. They can do a lot to be a good provider and remains strong despite tons of problems.

Nevertheless, they are still a simple person. A human with a heart who feels scared and worried about a few things.

Retiring for good in the Philippines seems so hard decision with the below worries of many OFW.


It is not easy to give up the secured monthly income of one OFW. They are considering this factor not only for themselves but definitely in sustaining the needs of their families.

Someone might easily suggest why don’t just open a business. Well, it is definitely not that easy. OFW is no longer familiar with the local market status. They really need to study and analyze whatever business they might go in. Personally, I think lots of time need to spend in thinking whether one would invest in a business.


Let’s admit it many OFW’s chose to work abroad since they didn’t find any good job in their own land. They definitely aged and for sure it would be harder to land in a good paying job.

Competing in thousands of yearly fresh graduates is tough. Most of the companies prefer newbie over well-experienced worker financially wise.


We felt so comfortable working in another part of the world. We are afraid if our own town will welcome us open arms.

Weather and environment adjustments are some of the worries as well of those old returning OFW’s. Don’t quickly judge them that they change because of working abroad. Try to imagine yourself living in another world for more than 20 years.


Not all OFW’s attains the success status symbol despite working abroad for many years. It is heartbreaking to hear that one went home empty-handed and not even one property built for some reasons.

We never know the stories of them, why some improve and get rich and others remain nothing. Regardless of it people around them has an expectation for better.

The OFW’s are considering the other people expectation towards them.


It is so painful for one to give up the chance of providing the good life for their loved ones. And the saddest part, if one is not totally ready of retiring, their families might give a negative comment.

“You should not come home yet” we still have a lot of liabilities.

A regretful feeling is somehow frightening.


Despite these worries, we know that pinoy/pinay expats will be returning home soon. We will not be always young and capable of doing the same standard of our work. Our employers will definitely want to replace us if we will not meet their set expectations. So, we need to be smart in planning our move back home program.

Hubby and I are taking the steps easy. We are setting ourselves up to be a bit ready financially, emotionally and physically.

But for now, like many OFW’s we are still doubtful to put the final answer in the question of;

“are you planning to finally come home?


Are you an OFW and facing many issues in life? do you have worries in mind that would want to share with us?  please feel free to put your thoughts on the comments field.

And the whole pinay/pinoy expat communities are excited to hear that 🙂

The lesson I learned about being part of OFW world.
Overseas Filipino workers are generous and selfish at the same time for those people who love and miss them. We cannot blame if they will feel that way especially the children left behind. For them, those years of being not together cannot replace with any amount. While the parents rather choose to be away ensuring their children good future. ( So confusing 🙂



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