House rent problem

House Rent Major Concern of Many Filipino Workers in UAE

House rent is the major concern of many Overseas Filipino Workers in UAE.

From the television news, social media and everywhere no doubt COVID Pandemic put the world in a miserable situation.

Same with all the nations, Filipinos are suffering too whether locally or abroad. Each one of us is lost about the step we need to do every day.

This crisis affects almost all aspects of our lives and daily worries are controlling our way of living.

Money to pay the rent, food consumption, and other bills are just some of the worries of many Filipinos. These concerns are stressful, but being in this situation when you are in a foreign land is scarier. It is frightening as we are living far, away from families and own country. We are not sure if someone can help us abroad in this hard time?

Because of that, OFWs are worrying a lot about their survival both financially and emotionally. With this stressful situation, OFW’s in UAE and for sure globally are wishing for the below three simple things.

House Rent

Salary cut or No work No pay hit the many worker’s salaries here in UAE, paying the house rent is one of their most concern. The hope of many is “Understanding landlords” in case they will not be able to pay on time. While for those on No work No pay status, they are hoping that the company would at least provide them the accommodation and food allowance. They are not sure where to get the funds, especially for rent as most are not ready in this crisis.


Recently, there is a serious issue that creates chaos in social media about the claim of one OFW of food assistance. As per her, the OWWA personnel was rude and not assisting her properly about her inquiry and make her feel that she is unappreciative. Because of that incident, the OFW burst out of her anger in social media and get a lot of attention. It came to a point that many got involved. In this hard situation that many OFWs are stress, unsure to whom will exactly coordinate are wishing that all the workers in the Philippines Government Office here in UAE would be respectful, fair and helpful. By that, you can let the OFW community feel secure in a little way.

Please be approachable, we need your encouragement at this time.

Clear and Easy Information

To get the assistance provided by the government is totally blessing in this time, but OFW would be more thankful if the information announced publicly is clear enough for all understanding. Clear and Easy procedure would benefit a lot. As much OFWs want to provide all the necessary documents, it is not always easy for them. Getting it from the company they are working with is sometimes hassle, especially at this time that most offices are not operating or in limited timing.

All Filipinos working abroad, just keep our trust Above, stay calm and positive. We can all survive from this, keep fighting!


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