When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (part 2)

Continuation of, 

Anji enjoys her life in Dubai, she has a new set of friends whom she enjoys a lot hanging out. She is always looking forward to finished her work to hang out with her friends. There are times they are just staying at home watching movies, videoke singing or trying to learn cooking a different dish. She loves to cook and bake, she is aspiring to have a cafe business someday.

Wow! your chocolate muffins are really awesome, I like the taste not too sweet and the texture is good for beginners, Kay always appreciates every time Anji is letting her try all her new experiments.

Few more months passed, everything is the same, Anji & Kay’s friendship is getting deeper. Trust and love to each other are developed, Kay sees Anji as her younger sister, she is older of 3 years from her.

One day Anji went out in a bar with her roommates, they are having fun eating, dancing, and drinking, till……..

Hi, seems to enjoy the night, I am Martin, how are you?

Hi there! everything is great, yeah my friends and I are having fun, nice bar, by the way, I am Anji.

Nice name, where you from?

I’m from Philippines how about you?

I am from the country of where you can find the dead sea.

Anji paused and try to remember where is dead sea located, they both laughed.

The conversation started, they exchanged each other number and of course social media account. Anji went home happily meeting a new friend in a country which sometimes makes her feel missing home.

Good morning Anji, this is the first message Anji saw the following day, this is the start of her friendship with Martin.

Martin & Anji enjoy each other company, they are both jolly person and love going out. Martin got the chance to meet some of Anji’s closed friend including Kay.

One weekend, Martin invited Anji to roam around the Emirates they enjoy a lot their full day off, feel relax and away from the pressures of each other work. They had breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner together. Anji feels secure and happy with Martin, he is kind, sincere and gentleman. Before ending the night, they went to the beach to have coffee and to enjoy the sounds of waves, they both love the beach. Sharing stories, childhood experience and family’s issues are told to each other.

What an ideal friendship they had started. Anji shares all the things that happen to her life to Kay, as usual, Kay is just listening and enjoying Anji’s stories, based on her Martin is a good person and trustworthy.

Till one day, while Martin & Anji are in the park, He confessed something to her;

Anj, I think my feelings for you are getting deeper, you are becoming so special to me, I am enjoying being with you, I think…. oh no… I feel in my heart that I love you!

The laughter, smile of Anji suddenly fades and changed to silence and long paused. She doesn’t know what to say and what to do, she started to feel uncomfortable. She informed Martin that she wants to go home as she is not feeling better.

I don’t want him to be my boyfriend, I only see him as a brother nothing more than that! Anji told her friends, she shared it as well to Kay and asked Kay’s advice.

If you are sure about your feelings, and friendship is the only thing you can offer him, be prank and tell him. Don’t wait too long as Martin is a nice guy he needs to be treated fair. And that’s what Anji did.

Martin accepted Anji’s decision with an open heart, it hurts but he is a gentleman and good guy he knows he will be fine soon.

Kay’s respected Anji for what she had done, she thinks that Anji is not like other typical girls who are careless on their decisions and doesn’t care about others feelings.

Afterward, through common friends, Anji met a Filipino guy who is working as well in a hospitality industry. His name is Jhong, He is a hardworking and friendly man. His style is very different from Martin. He finds Anji pretty and nice girl, after less than a month of seeing her he asked her if she has a boyfriend, if nothing he would like to ask her if she can be his girlfriend.

Wow! Jhong is this the way how you approach a lady you didn’t even wait longer or develop the friendship before asking me? and you are not even asking if you can court me! Anji tells Jhong with a disappointing look on her face and dismayed tone of voice.

Anji, we are not kids anymore, we are both adults and has an ability to decide firmly for ourselves. I am a man who is straight forward and don’t want many dramas in life. If I like one girl I will tell her directly and no need to create this friendship thing and I don’t believe in courting process. You will not know the real personality of one guy through courtship as he has a tendency of hiding his real attitude and only shows you the good side. I think being together in a relationship is much practical and realistic so we can know each other better……..

Anji looked at Jhong with a big question marked on her eyes, seems to ask Jhong, are you kidding me?

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