Monitor your traffic fines, know how to check it.

I really thought that all the drivers in Dubai already knows how to check their traffic fine online.

Unexpectedly not all drivers are aware on this portal. My office mate is worrying a lot on her fines, she is not sure whether she exceeds the speed limit set in Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

I told her how to check it, she was surprised that it can be checked online.

Dubai roads are implementing more stricter rules for all violations, cameras are all over the city.

Normally we are receiving a text message in our registered number in case the scary road camera catch us. But, just to ensure that we are up to date it is better to monitor this online portal frequently. Who knows, if we might miss one text message or in case we lost our phone.

Why do I worry about this part? simply because I don’t want to reach the maximum black points limit that will cause of cancellation of my license.

Driving is a necessity especially if you are living 50 km away from your work and public transportation is not that accessible.

So lets, go with the easy procedures:

Visit their website
Click the start button
and below page will appear;

You have an options to check, between these 4 Plate number details, License number, Fine number, Traffic file number, fill up the security code section and press search, it will show whether you have any violations.

For almost a year I am checking it using the “Plate number option” and thankfully there is no violation appears at all.

I am confident that I don’t have any pending fines, but just recently out of curiosity I check it by “license number” in my dismay the AED170.00 penalty slapped me :(.

It was an incident in Al Barsha area last year about lane discipline, which is I almost forgot about it.

I was wondering how come I didn’t receive any message, my husband sarcastically remind me that my car is registered under his name with his previous mobile number

Thankfully there are no additional charges for paying the fine super late.

Have safe driving guys and follow the rules not just to avoid fines but of course for our safety!

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