My struggles in selling my second hand car in Dubai

After 13 years of living in the UAE, we are going home. Our exit preparation:


My struggles in selling my second-hand car in Dubai.

One of the many things that ex-pat enjoy here in UAE is the easy terms of owning a car. With minimum salary requirements, your dream car will be a reality with a lower monthly payment.

Same with them, hubby and I had our very first brand new car here. I remember that we were very proud of ourselves the moment we finish paying for it. We feel like a real responsible adult at that time.

selling second hand car in Dubai

The year 2013 at Kia Picanto Deira Branch Office. Finalizing our car loan application, I was so happy!

However, the time has come that I need to let go of my best “Kitty Car”. I gave her Kitty name as she is a cute and tiny car. Aside from that, I decorated it with a lot of hello kitty stuff when it was new. But years passed and I age a lot I gradually lessen my hello kitty stuff in my car.

I reach a point appreciating a bit minimalist car interior. Though I love that cute character I lessened it.

For about 3 years I only have 3 hello kitty items in it. 2 little stuff toys as my companion when traveling and a tissue holder.

But due to the current situation, I decided to say goodbye to my Kitty car. Bringing it to the Philippines is impossible as touching the air.

I received different interested buyers

Selling her was not that easy not because of the car condition. The car is in good shape, the engine is perfectly fine, the interior and exterior are clean. (aside from minor little scratch which is normal for second-hand car)

A little dusty at the open field parking

The hardest part was dealing with the inquirers. They are actually worst than the down market.

Buyers, inquirers are sometimes unreasonable and unbelievable. That moment I was really having a headache for different types of people I deal with.

Trusting words is not a good option

But the most disappointing one is my fellow Filipina who keeps me waiting for almost 2 weeks. Though she didn’t give me any deposit I trust her words that she will take it.

We agreed on the price, I sent her all the pictures and details she was asking even the accident, fines report. She agreed and committed that she will buy Kitty. I know it is my mistake of trusting just a word, but she sounds a real serious buyer. Due to lock down in Abu Dhabi, she asks me to wait for a week as she was unable to travel, given with the valid reason I agreed

Finally the day that travel restriction rules eased up. She confirmed that she was able to travel to Dubai (with a permit and as per her it is easy and free for her to take permit as she is a nurse)

On the same day that we supposed to meet, she suddenly canceled our meeting and said she don’t have anymore the budget as there was an emergency, etc. I am not sure if it’s real, but I felt like a fool. I didn’t reply to her at all as I don’t want to waste my energy on it.

In a matter of 2 weeks my car market value dropdowns, maybe because of the situation. The offer I was getting is AED 2,000 lower than those I got 2 weeks back. So disappointing!

My experience with Pakistani and Indian Buyers

After that, I met a few Pakistanis and Indian buyers who are very picky and meticulous. It is so unbelievable that their budget was for a second-hand car but expecting the condition like a perfect brand new car.

There was one guy whom we already agreed on the price, we are about to go to TASJEEL to process the paper on the same day. After 20 minutes of driving, he asked us to drop by to one place near Qusais. We are shocked his client is waiting.

And the client was asking for further discounts from us, and want to do a test drive. I was really pissed off as going to TASJEEL we let the first guy drive the car for his satisfaction. He was happy at that time and agree that the car is a really good catch.

Our transaction ended badly, as he was a liar. I frankly asked him if the car is for him and he told us it is for his personal use. He even shows us the money that he is ready to buy the car on the same day. Then later we found out that he is a part-time agent.

Those days of negotiations, finding a good buyer was really a headache. In just a matter of a few days, I’ve met different kinds of persons who never honor their words and agreement.

The buyer

Though I have many disappointments other than the above, I learned a few things as well. One of them is, people are not the same. Even they are the same nationalities we should never think that if one is bad -all are.  My kitty car buyer was an Indian guy, he also has a lot of questions which is normal, he let me wait for a reasonable day. And on the day of finalization, he came and insisted to finish all the processes at the same time.

Second hand car in Dubai preparation to sell

Preparing her

We met around 8:00 pm, and finish all the process around 11:30 PM.

He was happy as all the staff in TASJEEL are telling him that the car is in perfect condition. And even the insurance value is good.

Second hand car in Dubai

Car testing passed


My advice to many people planning to sell their car at this time is to be straight forward to buyers. Set your terms to avoid wasting time and energy. While nothing to worry about the documentation process in selling second-hand cars in Dubai, it is very easy.

Finally, we finish this part and we can now focus on other stuff we are preparing before our exit flight. The next one is to look for new parents for my fur babies.

Me 🙂 at Tasjeel exhausted and a little sad, saying goodbye to Kitty

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