Panic attack syndrome started, my husband and I battle with depression – 2


They rushed him to the nearest clinic, glad he is already awake when I reached the place.

As per the doctor’s finding one of the reasons why He collapse was dehydration.

Due to the Ramadan season, as per the rules, drinking and eating publicly is not acceptable. And sadly, he didn’t take his breakfast at that time.

During that year Ramadan falls in the month of August, this is the extremely hot weather in this country.

Despite the weather condition,  they don’t have any choice but to rush their huge outdoor installation before the deadline.

Over fatigue, hunger and dehydration are some of the probable reasons for his sudden collapse.

After a few hours of stay in the clinic, when he looks recovered the doctor released us. My husband’s manager is really a great guy, he insists to hubby to take a day off.

When hubby and I talking while on the bed, he told me his feeling when he is about to collapse. He said that moment is unexplainable as if he was about to die.

The Panic attack syndrome

After a couple of days, hubby was back to his normal routine. He went back to work, this time we need to be extra careful.  I ensure to prepare his meal and checking on him from time to time if he is fine.

After the first incident

One week after that incident, during the Eid holiday, they went for a team building in Hatta. All of them were having fun, the resorts they went to is really nice with a great view, I can feel that on his happy voice when he called me.

I supposed to join their outing, but not able to as I have a job at that moment. In that year I was working in a travel agency and taking a day off during a holiday season is totally impossible.

Everything was fine that day, but it suddenly changes by 4 pm. Hubby’s manager called and informed me that they brought my husband to the Canadian hospital as he collapses again.

They are near Hatta Dam when he felt terrible chest pain and couldn’t breathe then suddenly he collapsed.

They hurriedly took him to the Al Ain clinic, as per doctor’s suggestions it is better to bring him to the hospital and consult a cardiologist.

Thankfully, the provided health insurance is acceptable in a reputable and good hospital in Dubai.

At the Canadian Hospital

During his check-up, the doctor said that he needs to stay in the hospital overnight. He was weak and need to be under observation.

Despite hubby’s insisting that we can’t stay, the doctor didn’t allow us to go. We are hoping that on the following day they will allow us to go home. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a clearance.

On that day, doctors were not yet sure about his condition. They need to do a few more tests and study to find out the main cause of his chest pain and sudden collapse.

In my entire life, I never met different kinds of doctors. Neurologist, CardiologistGastroenterologists, Nephrologists came to check him from head to toe.

Despite our worries, hubby and I manage to joke around and thinking if a dentist would come as well.

Time to time the assigned nurse is monitoring hubby, we constantly ask them for the results. But, of course, we knew that as per protocol only the doctors can tell us the feedback

The results finally came

To cut it short, we stayed in the hospital for 4 and a half days. Finally, the doctor has the results, it was Dr. Gabroun the hospital’s cardiologist.

The doctor explained everything, as per him they already have an idea about my husband’s condition. But need enough time to ensure his condition before disclosing to us the results.

He only said a few lines, but those words, I mean the result never ever came to our mind.

“he is suffering from an anxiety syndrome, a panic attack”

Hubby and I looked at each other with blank reaction, we asked Doc. Gabroun at the same time, anxiety? Then hubby spoke to Doctor.

Doctor, I don’t want to be rude, but are you sure? I felt dying at the time I collapsed, I was weak with unbearable chest pain. How on earth this will be about anxiety or panic attack?

Dr. Gabroun patiently explains to us how it exactly happened.

-His first collapse was real, it was because of the extremely hot weather, dehydration, and exhaustion.

However, the second incident was the first sign that hubby suffers from a panic attack syndrome.

Both of us don’t have any idea how he got traumatized on that incident.

As per Doctor’s when my husband felt the same palpitation on the second time, he suddenly panics and unable to control himself. That is the reason why he collapses again.

Doctor Gabroun assures us that there is nothing major sickness to worry about, then he gave us the clearance to go home.

We are thankful to God that at least he doesn’t have any serious chronic illness. The findings sound a little funny for us, we are not aware at that time how this anxiety disease would affect and change our lives until we reached home.

Staying in the hospital for four days was totally stressful, taking note that I had a nine hours duty at work. I was nervous at that time to lose my job every time I am leaving my post to check on him.

The marriage test just started

Upon reaching home, I was so excited to finally take a nap in my own bed. I need to take even a short rest before unpacking all our things and clean all the mess at house.

I never had an idea that day would be the start of the stress in my life. The test that would prove my love for hubby just begin.

Hubby begs me to bring him back to the hospital as he feels the same feeling when collapses. The chest pain and feeling of dying is there again.

I cannot remember how I manage to drive him fast from Alquoz to Deira despite my tired body. At that time, I was not yet a good driver, my license was just two months old. Driving in 115KMPH is like in a roller coaster ride.

When we reached the hospital, I need to put him in the wheelchair as he couldn’t walk and feel so dizzy. Imagine like in a movie, that we are rushing to bring him in the emergency room.

The nurse recognized us that we are the same patient who just checked out 3 hours ago.

I told her “nurse, please help my husband I think he will collapse again, he couldn’t breath at all”

They proceeded on the protocol, as usual, they check the heart rate and blood pressure. After the assessment, the doctor told us the same thing. There is nothing wrong with him aside from the panic attack.

But, my hubby is insisting that he can feel the pain and he is not alright. The doctor calms him down and convinces him to go home. He felt relieved and follow the doctor advised to go and rest at home.

From then, our fight and arguments started, I was stress every time he calls me at work and asking him to bring to the hospital. In my mind, I was shouting I know it is about the panic attack again.

During the first few days, I am fully supporting him, but my boss gave me a final warning for termination if I will be skipping work and leaving my post once again.

Every wife would understand how hard to weigh things, your husband needs you, but, at the same time, you know that work is important too in supporting the medication and daily expenses.

I remember one time when I went home he was crying and scared as he cannot breathe and he can feel he is going to die. Because of the stress and pressure, instead of comforting him, I  shouted him. “It’s only in your mind, the doctor says  it is just a panic attack,  calm down and you will be fine!”

When we consulted again his cardiologist and told him everything, he advised me how to handle the situations. I felt shy as he reminded me that this is the time that my husband needs me most, and I am the only person who can help him.

Thanks to Dr. Gabroun, he convinces me to bring my husband to a Psychologist for better treatment.

As I was eager to find a solution to end my husband’s problem, I search for a psychologist quickly and found one in Jumeirah. He is an Indian doctor that I wish I never ever met, we only wasted our AED 750.00


Hubby and I look like a happy couple, but we are dying inside. Want to run and escape…


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