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Why many Foreigners love hiring Filipino Workers

Filipino workers, why foreign employers love them?

As per the statistic, the number of Overseas Filipino Workers globally is already more than two million.

Those huge numbers of Filipinos are working hard abroad and creating a good name for the Philippines.

Many of our OFW has valuable contributions to their company and organizations. Those contributions are priceless and the host countries are acknowledging that.

Hearing a compliment of how good Filipino workers are from Foreigner employers is not new at all. We already used to those praises, and that is the reason why many Filipinos are deciding to work abroad as they know foreign employers love Pinoy workers.

And at the same time, our country is confident that Filipino workers abroad or those that are still on their way to work overseas can represent well the Philippines. OFW’s are our country’s pride because of their good traits and high skills.

Working abroad personally, I got the chance to work with different nationalities. And through those years I got the feedback of a few foreign employers, managers, or colleagues on how they view the Filipino worker’s attitude.

They have different comments that for some it is not a good trait but for a business point of view, that is what they need.

Let me share with you a few compliments I personally hear from the employers I worked with over a decade. It is mixed of British, Arabs, Lebanese, European, and Asian

According to them they love working with the Filipino because they are;

Happy People

No matter how problematic the Pinoy are, employers will not notice it as they have always smile on their faces.

And if the situations at work look so tiring and stressful, Pinoy workers are still trying to be positive in many ways. They don’t let their personal issue affects their job performance or the  company’s operation.

Hard Working

Pinoy are known as being a hard workers, either the reason is personally or professionally.

They always ensure to give their best in every task assigned to them. Providing quality work is always the aim regardless of the workloads.

Filipino Workers happy and hardworking

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Forever Grateful

Thankful by all means, Pinoy are emotional in many aspects even at work. In a way, they have this thought that they should be always grateful to the company they are working for.

Thinking that if not because of their company they will not reach whatever success in their life. Or this attitude is commonly known “utang na loob”

With this, it gives the company positive benefits as the Pinoy workers will always do their best to pleases the company.


For some nationality, this attitude of Filipino is somehow intimidating or annoying. But this can’t be changed, that is how Filipino do their work. For them, it is a positive skill and edge. And some  of the few reasons include that is they just want to prove to their employers that hiring them and providing a good salary are all worthy.

They Never Say No

Yes, I can do it, No problem, It is fine! the positive answers of many Pinoy for every newly assigned task. Pinoy are not vocal saying NO to their employers or managers, even sometimes it means extra-long working hours.

Employers love it as they are finding that having a Pinoy staff is very economical and practical.

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Though the above attitude might not be pleasant from everyone’s point of view but for the business owner they value having a worker with this trait. For them, these attitudes mean profit, a good business outcome, and success.

The best words I heard once is;

Filipino workers is not just working in that sense, but they have passions and heart to their jobs whatever position it is.

Some employers, managers might only see these traits as good qualities of Pinoy workers. But for the OFW those attitudes mean a lot. Employer’s acknowledgment gave them the security to keep their work for long not just for the company’s benefits but mostly for their families; the top reasons for their hard work.

If you are planning to pursue your career abroad, don’t worry many veteran OFW already made a good foundation of Filipino’s image. The above may help, but reaching success always depends on you.

Do your best to prove to your future boss that you are a Filipino worker with full dedication and love for work.

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photo credit: freepik

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