Working in Dubai on a Visit Visa is it possible?

Is it true that I can work in Dubai on a visit visa? this is one of the top questions of many foreign nationals planning to go to Dubai UAE.

If you are one of them, for sure you already have different answer from a many sources. Either from your friends and relatives working here. Or you might already spoke to few travel agents that guarantying you that you can work in Dubai while holding a visit visa.

But still you are confuse and worrying the legal way in working in Dubai. Let us not complicate it, as the UAE Labor Law simply state the direct answer with this question, which is; Working on a visit visa in Dubai is Illegal.

A foreigner that wishes to work in UAE must have a legitimate work or residency visa.

The proper documentation should be provided by your employer. And they must process it before you could be able to start your work legally.

Working without having the proper requirements will lead you and your employer to many charges. Such as imprisonment, huge fines and or a deportation.

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In case you got an offer stating that visit visa holder is fine, you need to be careful in dealing with that company. Mostly people who accepts this offer face many challenges in the end such as;

  • Their employer didn’t commit in providing them in a residency visa, and simply terminate them without valid reason.
  • Many employers are only using those job seekers on visit visa. They will let you work not having an intention to give you a visa at all. In the end you will rush renewing your visa in your own expense.
  • Remember that agreeing with this kind of set up, you cannot freely ask help from the labor department in case you face trouble, as you know that what you did was wrong in the eye of UAE law.
  • Employees in Dubai has their insurance provided by the employer, whatever unexpected situations happens to you while working in visit visa is very risky as you don’t have any insurance in UAE

So before coming to Dubai think hard, and ensure that your future employer is trustworthy, your safety is the most important!

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