NBI Clearance Philippines The Easy Steps to Apply

NBI Clearance Philippines The Easy Steps to Apply

Are you currently on job hunting? make sure that you have your NBI clearance.

The NBI clearance is one of the requirements here in the Philippines when joining a new company. That is their legal proof that you don’t have any existing serious crimes or violations to accept you as part of the organization smoothly. 

If you are living in the Philippines for many years, for sure that you know well about the process of getting the NBI clearance. This post is for those who are clueless about processing this matter. This article will be a good guide for fresh graduates or many former OFW who is now back in town and applying for a new job.

Here are the easy, direct to the point procedure for your NBI application.

 Book your appointment
  • This will be made online through their website >>>>>>>
  • Fill up all the necessary details as per below, choose to register a new account.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

NBI Clearance home page

  • Make sure to enter your correct mobile number as you will be receiving One Time Password to create your portal
  • The email address should be valid as you will receive the schedule confirmation in the same email address.

  • Now that you have registered in the NBI portal, you need to log in and update the applicant’s information
  • Once you fill up all the details in the box, click the “save information” to complete your portal registration

NBI Clearance online form


  • On the upper right, click the apply for clearance

  • Then enter the type of ID you have along with the ID number

  • After clicking the agree, the calendar will appear for you to choose which NBI branch you prefer and on which date

NBI Clearance schedule slot

Make the Payment

The next step is to make sure that you will complete the payment for your NBI application.

There are few steps to do that, either online or you can go to the below options.

I chose the 7-Eleven payment option. There is a kiosk there that accepts various bill payments, and one of those is NBI clearance. You will need to enter the NBI application reference number and the exact amount to pay which is (Php 155.00) It will automatically add their extra service fee of Php 15.00. Then proceed to the cashier for payment. 

Make sure to keep the receipt as you will be presenting it in the NBI branch as proof that you have a confirmed schedule and you already paid for it.

Note: Never go to the NBI processing office without having an appointment. They will not entertain any walk-in applicants.


NBI Clearance Payment option

At the NBI Processing Center
  • Go to the nearest NBI Processing center only on your scheduled slot.
  • The first queue will be for document assessment. You need to show the officer your two valid IDs, schedule confirmation, and proof of payment. Don’t ever forget one of these requirements as they are very strict with this matter. They will not let you in if the documents are not complete.
  • The next queue will be for biometrics and photo taking.
  • The NBI clearance officer will show you all the information you initially filled up, make sure to check all the information and all are correct before confirming,
  • Once done with the above process, depends on the branch, you can have your clearance on the same day. But in my case, I waited for another 07 working days to collect it.

Additional Useful Tips, especially if you plan to get your NBI clearance at Rodriguez Rizal. 

Montalban Sports Center / San Jose Oval Track

  • Bring an umbrella, handy fan, extra clothes, as the waiting area is an open field. With the hot weather, you will sweat a lot.

Waiting Area after the document assessment

The process was smooth, and organize.

  • Make sure that you download the MYQR PH from the app store. You cannot enter without a QR code, as the municipality is very strict in COVID-19 Tracing compliance.
  • And the usual safety protocols, be sure to bring your alcohol, own pen, face mask, and face shield.


This website is not associated with NBI or Any Government Agencies. The article only aim to share, guide as per our experience.


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