Experience the old city of Dubai in 2017

It’s been a while the last time we roam around Dubai similar to this one.

We always felt that we’ve seen already those destinations so no sense to go back. But lately, hubby and I wanted to explore again and do our passion together. Blogging for me and photography for him.

It was our day off yesterday but we need to start the day as early as 07:00 am. Hubby has a doctor’s follow-up check up by 08:30 am and it ends by 09:45 am.

After that, we went to Jollibee Burjuman to check if they have a breakfast meal. Both of us are not sure whether they do serve breakfast option this is our first time to try it.

And yes! they do. We ordered their super breakfast meal it is really super as it is a heavy meal for breakfast. Of course the options with rice (Rice is life) for all Filipinos.

He had the chicken joy with egg and sausage while mine is the burger steak meal. Though it is still early the place is a full pack of Filipinos.

Truly Filipinos in Dubai is really such a good supporters to every Pinoy good food hub.

Hubby and I enjoy the breakfast right after that we went to Bur Dubai Old Souq to do our exploration.

Weather is not that fine, it is still sunny but tolerable compare the last months.

What to see and experience in Bur Dubai Old Souq?
  • The ambiance will give you the feeling of being in an old city. An interesting place that you can feel Dubai has a rich culture and tradition which is interesting to dig in.

Wooden made roof

Wall made with dead corals

  • The place where you can find a good quality and different cloth at a cheaper price. Anyways the market is well-known as the textile souq.

  • Numerous clothing and foot wear stall.

  • A lot of shops selling Dubai memorabilia, from a key chain, purses, bags and more.

  • Of course, Dubai is a land of Gold you can find a lot of stunning gold shop to choose from.

With these simple chains

To this signature collections pieces.

And to this eye dropping huge gold jewelry. I can’t even imagine how one can wear it.

  • However, If you prefer silver accessories over golds you can also find tons of it in this area.

  • If you love spices this place is a must visit for you. I’ve seen many spices in a different corner and for sure it is way cheaper than a grocery store.

  • And my favorite part the Abra experience ride. This is a “must do”to all tourist visiting Dubai as this is the Dubai’s traditional water taxi.

Bur Dubai Abra Station

Arab traditional boat made of wood

Though Abra is famous for being one of the tourist attraction, it is more than that. Dubai uses it as one of their means of transportation crossing from Bur Dubai side to Creek side in Deira. (vice versa)

The cheapest way of cruising as low as AED 1.00 per trip.

Those tourist visiting the place can really compare the difference of the Old Dubai to its Modern City.

For me personally, knowing these improvements makes me realize how their leaders work hard to attain their status now. “From a humble city to a now symbol of success”.

I’ve seen a bunch of tourists around the old souq and Dubai Museum definitely they will enjoy their trip.

And for hubby and me, we also do enjoy our exploration. That’s what we like in Dubai you can always enjoy roaming around feeling like a tourist and nobody cares.

Adios! till my next journey 🙂

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