Early morning dip at Lamer Beach Dubai (summer time)

Rising up early in the morning during the weekend is the last thing ever would come to my mind. Unless I have some important matters to do.

I would rather sleep till afternoon instead of hanging out somewhere. Normally if I would like to go out my day will start at 4 PM. Working expats in the Gulf definitely understand my thoughts!

But last weekend was totally a different one. I fight harder on my tiredness and push myself to go to the beach.

It’s been a year the last early morning beach swimming I had and I really missed it. This was my favorite relaxation activity during my younger years.

Glad I made it. The weather is a bit nice comparing for the coming days in Dubai which would be terribly hot.

So before it gets extremely hot I need to take a dip and enjoy the beautiful relaxing Lamer Beach Dubai.

Aside from swimming I really had fun playing in this swing. Got those childhood feelings once more fearless and free!

10:00 am shots. Climate getting hotter.


I could say that I had spent well my morning weekend here in Lamer Beach.

The ambiance and sounds of waves are really relaxing. Despite it was a quick simple break, it gives me a positive feeling and strength to face another challenging day. With a smile! 🙂

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