Boodle Fight at Komedor Restaurant Dubai

Finally, it’s Friday!

This is the day that most of the OFW here in Dubai are waiting, this is our day. A day to sleep longer, relax for a while and have a little fun.

Few prefer to stay at home either to sleep the whole day or do their personal stuff. Like cleaning or washing clothes to prepare for the following working days.

This is also the day of catching up with our loved ones back home either through chat or video call.

And for Pinoy foodie lovers like me, this is the time to pig out. Most of the Filipino Restaurants are extremely busy and full of Pinoys either bunch of friends or families.

As usual, one of the busiest food hubs I’ve seen is in the “New Al Attar Center” in Karama. This is a place where you can find numerous Filipino restaurants which I believe under one group of company.

Laguna cuisine is always my top choice when going here. But this time we went to Komedor as my friends wanted to try the boodle fight meal.

We chose the package meal good for 06-09 persons. This would be enough for us we are total of 9 ladies age between 25-58 years old 🙂

We arrived around 1:30 pm but manage to get our seat by 2:00 pm.


Their buffet station

lets fight


The meal consists of unlimited drinks and rice. With a variety of seafood such as crabs, shrimp, squids, and fish. Chicken, steam veggies, tomatoes and salted egg love it.

What we love from here:

  • Food taste is fine
  • Prices are reasonable (AED175.00 good for 06-09)
  • Friendly staff

What we don’t so love:

  • Tight space
  • So hot inside I hope they can improve their ventilation
  • A wrong approach of some staffs that may irritate or give negative impressions to their customers.

What do I mean by the wrong approach? This is the scenario. Upon arrival, we immediately approach the staff and informed him to reserve a slot for us. He asked our order and told us to wait outside. He said he will let us know once ready we are thinking that they are already preparing the meals.

Surprisingly, when we sat on our chairs he insisted us to have a buffet instead of boodle fight.

His reasons are;

  • The food served in the buffet are the same with the boodle fight meal.
  • It would take time for them to set up the boodle fight concept.

All unacceptable reasons! but I chose not to make it big issue as I was really hungry.

As much as I wanted just to go for a buffet I cannot do that. All my friends wanted the boodle fight and this is already planned and set in our mind.

After few discussions with the staff finally, they started to prepare our meal. It is a bit hassle all of us are starving and need to wait again for another 15-20 minutes!

We are not the only one who complained I heard the other 02 tables are having the same issue.

I hope some of the staff would be more attentive and sensitive to their customer’s requirements. They should be straightforward on what they can really offer.

All of us just stretch our patience not to ruin the day. Overall despite the minor issue we enjoy the day and had fun.


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