25 Years old “the year of happening & success”

How can we say that we are successful in our life? there are many people who based the success in material possessions that they acquired, there is some defines success in different point of view. But let’s talk about the majority’s opinion.

Success means more MoNeY, more MaTerIal things, sTability.

Growing up, I really thought that in able for you to say a successful person you should have the above, and what worst is the media affects my views on success. In our country normally they had set a  certain point of one’s life that reaching that age he/she should be in better position in life. Though it is good for young ones to work hard and aspire more, but sometimes it causing them a depression, feeling of unworthy and failure if they wouldn’t be able reaching this standard.

What am I talking about? let’s have an example, the age of 25 most students and inexperienced young ones thinks this certain age is a year of happening, a year of success that everything they had wanted they will have it reaching this point of their life;

Career stability– You found the ideal company, good position, high paying job, you are respected by your colleague and most of it, your school batch mate envies your status.

Financial stability – You finally have your dream house, full of luxury things you ever wanted and driving your dream car. You feel so free, you have the ability to get whatever you want.

Found your perfect match – You have a good high paying job, you are stable, what more you can wish for? of course to finally meet your perfect match. And mostly think at this age they will find their lifetime partner.

Every people would love to have the above, life seems perfect having it. But in reality only a few people achieved these easily and fast, most people need to wait longer and worst, some might not have either one of the above.

The world is not that friendly and helpful, we need to prove ourselves in every day of our life, competition is really tough. Working for more than 10 years I learned how to handle the pressures and how to manage the competition in this life. People might judge you either you are a failure or a successful and all of those are based on the things that can be seen by their eyes, but only you can know if you are successful every person has their own point of view of defining success, do not let other define it for you.

If you are in your late 20’s, 30’s and still not having these do not give up, just continue working hard while enjoying your life.


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