When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (part 1)

This blog is based on a true to life story of a young Pinay Expat in Dubai.

Let’s call her Anji (real name confidential). Anji is a young woman and passion driven, she has a big dream and goal in life that’s why she chose to work in Dubai, she wants to be independent and to earn more not because her family needs it that time but because of some reasons….

Anji is the eldest out of 4 siblings, she came from a middle-class family and grew up having a comfortable life compared to others, she doesn’t need to worry the basic necessities in life like good shelter, foods, clothing and good education. Her mom has a pharmaceutical business in their town, while her father is working in an International cruise ship, and her grandparents & some relatives are residents in U.S.A which also a factor of having a cozy life as they normally support Anji’s family in financial matters.

Anji’s parents are capable of supporting her & sibling’s  study in a private school since elementary days to high school and she even graduated with a bachelor’s degree in one of the prestigious school in the Philippines, which is very known for having high tuition fees.

After her college graduation, she works in a hotel in Manila as she is aspiring to work abroad soon. After gaining a corporate working experience she decided to work in Dubai at the age of 22.

Anji pursues her career in the hospitality industry and landed a customer support job in UAE. Though the salary she got is not that much, but her accommodation, foods, and transportation are provided already by the company. And it is fine with her as she doesn’t have any intention to stay in Dubai longer, she is just earning a good experience and using it as a stepping stone to fulfill her dream of working and migrating in U.S.A, Canada or Australia.

Anji is a sweet girl, helpful and friendly, that is why it is easy for her to gain new friends in the hotel she is working with, some are in her same age and some are older with her of 2-4 years.

She became close to her co-worker in the same department, she calls her Ate Kay. Since they are working in the same team, they are always chatting and sharing each life’s story.

“I would like to be successful and financial stable, I would like to have more money to be happy and contented in life, my papa is retiring soon and I need to start saving a good amount of money to maintain my family’s lifestyle”. These are the words that Anji always said to Kay.

Kay is a type of friend who loves listening to their story, she normally doesn’t give advice if they are not asking for it unless she feels it is something serious. Kay personality is like “we have our own life, own decision and own point of view if you think that would be best for you, who am I to judge you”. And Anji likes Kay’s attitude as some of her friends normally judge her perspective.

At first, Kay thinks that Anji’s fancy in life is normal like any other young girl who loves her family and willing to give everything to make them happy…. but sadly it is not.

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