No time for my cool parents!

I just finished chatting with my mom & dad! Thanks to the power of technology though they are miles away, however when I am chatting with them through Skype I really feel we are together.

Ever since I worked here in Dubai, my Monday¬†nights are already reserved for them, I called it parents night, we normally have a conversation between 1-3 hours. It seems we are not living in different countries, I am thankful that my mom & dad (I actually called them papa & mama, but I feel it’s more cute typing it as mom & dad ūüôā ) are exerting an effort to wait for me and chat with me for long time taking into consideration¬†they are 4 hours advanced from us. Parents are really like that, they can bear anything just to be with their children. Although we are not literally together our laughter’s seems we are just next to each other. I am grateful I have cool parents.

Both of us need to sacrifice¬†to catch up things, but sometimes due to unexpected scenarios, there are times that I’m unable to call them on our set schedule which makes me feel guilty. I know most of the¬†expat working here would understand that it is not always easy balancing our time. Imagine we only have 24 hours a day and half of it are already consumed by our job, traveling to our workplace, preparation of all our needed things. Most of us are drained of strength and time. But this is the reality of our life, we need to work hard not only for ourselves but most especially for our loved ones.

But, despite this busy lifestyle, I am really trying hard my best to set my priorities. And I know families should always be on top from my work. For those OFW parents no doubt, I know they are giving their best efforts to have regular communications with their kids. But how about for those like me, that the only persons waiting for my call back home are my parents, are we giving time to them? or we are taking them for granted. Growing up, they are there to support us and take good care of us, now this is our chance to show them our genuine appreciation to what they had done, we can show it not only for simply providing them financially, for sure it makes them happy and bring comfort to their lives, but the quality time we will be giving them, a matter of our few minutes or hours to call them it makes them feel loved and important.

No matter how old we are or how independent we are, our parents miss us and interested to hear our stories.

So let’s try to make them feel special and avoid the words “I don’t have time”, remember we are getting older day by day what more our parents…as long as we still have the chance lets¬†express how much we love them. ¬†If you can’t do it by words, do it through your actions.

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