Happiest ever – Anniversary in Dubai

Happy 1st anniversary!!! not to my hubby or anyone, instead of happy 1st year anniversary to myself.

I just turned one year with my present job, what’s the big deal? I just want to express how happy I am, because this is one proof to myself that I am a survivor.

Why did I said that, before landing with my present job I was working with one industry for more than 10 yrs, I consider it as my home based and my comfort zone. It is the hospitality industry, I worked with different field of it from resorts, hotels, travel agencies either in customer service, back office support or sales and I am really comfortable working in that field. But being too comfortable is not healthy sometimes, I felt bored and feels like a machine that I am functioning because I just used to do it and that is a normal part of my life. The challenge, motivations, and excitements are gone.

I am the type of worker that believes, in able for one to perform her duties in her best, he/she should enjoying the work, so how can I do my work at my best level, I had lost happiness on it.

Some say I am really immature there are a lot of people who are searching for a stable job and they can’t find it due to economic downfall, while in my situation I have one but looking for something as if I am in a fairy tale.

I do understand their sentiments, their reasons are valid and realistic. I am not in my younger years anymore, it might be too late to change my career path, I am not in the stage of my life to start again, it seems to resign and to change work is so unpractical.

But no matter how I convinced myself, I really lost my interest in my previous work, I read from one psychology book if you are not happy in your work/surroundings to get out from it if you still have the chance,  do something but be brave to face the consequences as being stuck in a bad or situations that make you upset are not good in our health and might lead to sickness.

I know that would not be that easy, in reality, you cannot just do it a lot of things are need to consider. So after assessing myself, and ensuring that I am decided to try to apply for another work I discussed it with my husband and told him my plans and why do I want to change. He is very supportive and understanding, he agreed with it and assured me that he will be there to support me.

So I tried to search for another opportunity and thankfully I found one (my present company). It is an event management firm handling an international company to do their events across the MENA region, my role is a bit similar to what I do in my previous jobs, but this is more challenging and more stressful. It would require a lot of my strength physically and mentally as every details matter and I will be handling it from a-z. and the account is for high-level clients.

My organizational, memorization and analyzation skills are tested and everyday new challenge, new scenarios are there, it seems this job is never ending in a learning process,  I would never ever master this type of work.

But I should not take it on a negative side, all of us in the team including our boss is having the same feelings. It is good the management is very positive and supportive, and not selfish in inspiring and motivating us.

For the past 1 year, I learned a lot not only in doing my job close to perfection but to know on how to deal with difficult situations and instead of seeing it as a reason to quit, use it as a reason to succeed.

So for everyone who wants to leave their comfort zone;

 if you have a chance try it, but if you can’t risk it forget it and just enjoy whatever you have now.


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