COVID-19 The Human Being Basic needs to survive

More, and getting more, this is in people’s hearts.

We are always wanting, wishing and desiring more in our life. We thought that we need a lot of things to survive and live in this world.

Before the COVID crisis, many are busy doing the things that make them joyful and satisfied. It appears people are not contented on what they have regardless of their life status. Since many are staying at home during this lockdown many of us have the chance to meditate and think. It gives good results for few to realize and remember the basic knowledge we learned when we were little kids. That is, “human has only basic needs in life”, those basic that we make look complicated.


This is obvious, food and water are essentials for us to live. Food provides nutrients that give our body strength and energy. It helps our body function well and makes our immune system healthy.

simple happy family

It doesn’t mean fancy meal at the restaurant, or your favorite steaks, burger that you are missing so much now. We only need basic food that makes us healthy and survives.

While the water is most important as a human can only live 3 days without it. Whereas we can last without food for about a month.


A house that makes us feel comfortable, safe inside, a bed & pillow that give us good sleep to energize. Additionally, a basic utensil that helps us prepare our daily meals.

Simple house is enough for our basic needs

If we will think about it, we only need a basic and simple house. But people seem to have a hard time reaching it, why? because commercials make us think that house defines individual success or status in life. Many feel that house without beautiful, new appliances, furniture and decorations looks not enough. Those might be useful, but we can live without it, it is just an add ons.


Definitely we need it but doesn’t mean branded, expensive or tons of clothes. Shopping time to time is not necessary. We just need basic, clean, presentable and modest clothing daily and that would be enough.

Basic clothes for essentials

True that money doesn’t make one happy, but it serves as our tools to buy the above basic needs. However, we need to guard ourselves to make money as our top priority or center of our lives. We just need to have enough to use for the essentials. Let us assess our spending habits, be creative in generating income and use the money in a balanced way.

money and saving

This is the most important that we shouldn’t lose. Having a good spirituality in life give us guidance on how to live happily despite trials and failures.

spiritual girl

“real happiness depends on how we view life”

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