BonChon Chicken Philippines for the first time

Bonchon Chicken Philippines – Ayala Mall Marikina

Before coming home here in the Philippines from abroad, hubby and I are planning what delicious food we will try on.

We know that there are tons of restaurants here that serve satisfying yet affordable foods with different types of cuisines.

There are many options and it looks confusing, we decided to try our top non-Filipino favorite meal, which is Korean cuisine.

In UAE, there are many Korean Restaurants as well but the price is twice the price of the peso.

If you want to enjoy a nice Korean meal there you need to put a budget on it.

A simple worker even Koreans cannot afford their meal at their restaurant on daily basis, it is a bit pricey. That is the reason why Korean grocery there suddenly rises up in a matter of time. Like we Filipino, they prefer to prepare their home-cooked meal to save a budget.

So now is our chance to enjoy our favorite cuisine at a more affordable price.

BonChon Chicken Yummy Foods

For the first time, I had tried the famous BonChon Chicken at their branch in Ayala Mall Marikina. Not exaggerating but I really like how tasty all the meals we order.


Bonchon Chicken kstyle feast

K-Style Feast

As usual, I chose the spicy chicken and the taste was so good, I love its crunchiness.

What I love about Korean meals is their rich side dishes, all of it has a nice combination

Bonchon Chicken soup with tofu


Bonchon Chicken chapchae

Japchae or chapchae

Bonchon Chicken bowl


The Ambiance

We reach BonChon around 2:00 pm and as the new normal, there are only a few people eating at that time.

Bonchon Chicken ayala mall

I like the ambiance of the place despite that you can feel the sadness of emptiness in the mall. The welcoming smile of their staff is refreshing, it adds a positive vibe in the place.

BonChon gives a feeling of eating in a fast-food chain but in a classier style.

Bonchon chicken counter

The self-order counter

You can have your meal either inside the restaurant or outside

After our sumptuous lunch, we went to the Ayala Mall roof deck to relax our full tummy. And grab the chance to show you the view of my province Rizal, I really enjoy this day with the two most important men in my life, my Husband and Papa.

Ayala Mall Marikina Roof Deck


Our Favorite Korean Restaurant in Dubai


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