Korean skin care product so addicting

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I will be trying for the first time a Korean skin care product from Face Shop.

For update guys their product suits on my skin type, I am happy with my purchase.

Though I am not seeing yet a lot of changes on my skin at least I am not getting any itchy and hot feelings.

Before Eid holiday, I got a text message from Face Shop stating that they are on sale during this period. So, I decided to drop by in their shop and check few items.

And here you go below few products I’ve got.

My moisturizer and toner are from the same shop, as suggested it would be better to use the facial wash having the same brand.

Herb Day Cleansing Foam (normal price is AED30.00 / sale price at AED15.00)
Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel (normal price is AED35.00/sale price at AED15.00)
Keratin Shampoo (not on sale 🙁 / price is AED50.00)

jeju gel

I’ve seen several reviews about this Jeju aloe soothing gel from different blog site and youtube channel, it looks so good on them and I wanted to try it too.

This product is multipurpose, can be used as body and face moisturizer and can be an oil alternative for taking care of our hair. Just apply few drop of it massage to your scalp before a shower and rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

My second worry aside from my sensitive skin is my falling hair, it looks so thin and dry. I hope this Aloe gel would solve my problems, as I am avoiding any salon treatment as much as possible.

To complete my hair care product I also bought this keratin intensive shampoo. It is a bit pricey compared to other normal brand but for the sake of my ugly hair, I purchased it closed eyes.

aloe gel

Lastly, I bought this tiny face powder with SPF30. This is ideal for this sunny weather to protect my skin, normally I am using Rimmel product which is half priced lower on this brand. But I wanted to use only one brand for my skin, so I decided to change.

I know, most girls would think why I am complaining about the price and feel it is a waste. Because this is really my first time to seriously and carefully choose a good product for my skin, and  yeah it is a bit expensive.

Aging, makes me realize that I should take care of myself more and forget the digit for a while.

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