Korean skin care product so addicting

In my previous blog, I mentioned that I will be trying for the first time a Korean Skincare Products from the Faceshop brands.

This post is just for an update guys that their products suit my skin type. I am happy with that purchase.

Though, obviously that I would not see as fast as that a lot of changes but the important is I am not getting any rashes. No itchiness or hot feelings from the toner and moisturizer.

Before the Eid Holidays, I got the auto message from FaceShop saying that they are on sale during this period. I couldn’t miss this chance as their items are a bit pricey. so I went to their store to check they’re ongoing sale.

And here you go, below are the few products I got.

As per suggestions, to see the best result it is better if I will use the same brand for my facial skincare. I am excited to try this Herb day cleansing foam.

Herb Day Cleansing Foam (normal price is AED30.00 / sale price at AED15.00)
Jeju Aloe Soothing Gel (normal price is AED35.00/sale price at AED15.00)
Keratin Shampoo (not on sale ­čÖü / price is AED50.00)

Korean Skincare Products aloegel

In addition to the facial cleansing foam, I got my eyes as well with the Jeju aloe soothing gel.┬á As I’ve seen several reviews about this item from other blog sites and youtube channels. It looks good on them and I want to try it too.

Since I became conscious of taking care of my self, my dull and thin hair worries me as well. I hope the Jeju aloe soothing gel can help as well as I am avoiding as much as possible any salon treatment. I’ve seen from the reviews how useful this gel is.

You can use Jeju Aloe Gel as a body and face moisturizer, and an oil alternative for hair treatment.

To complete my hair care product I also bought this keratin intensive shampoo. Comparing to other brands this shampoo is a bit pricey, but for the sake of my dull hair, I bought it closed eyes.

aloe gel

Lastly, I had as well this tiny face powder with SPF30, this is ideal for the coming sunny weather to protect my skin. Normally I am using Rimmel product which is almost half the price from this brand. But since I wanted to use only one brand for my skin, so I change to this one.

Korean skincare product face powder

I know, most ladies out there would think I am exaggerating the price point. And why I am feeling that seems I am wasting my money on this stuff. I know you will understand for a lady like me whose not really into this thing naturally this item is a bit expensive.

However, I realize that if I want to look and feel good while aging I must invest a little to a good product. Beautifying and taking care of ourselves really comes with a price.

For now, I will forget those digit and enjoy pampering myself which should have been done for the longest time.

Korean Skincare is really addicting.


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