Mumuso Dubai shopping experience is it Korean or Chinese products?

Korean movies, Korean TV series, and especially Korean beauty products are so in demand in some part of Asia. As expected The Philippines is on the list. Because of this, the doors of opportunities opened for so many Korean stores out there.

One of the brands that caught my attention is the Mumuso.

I’ve seen it many times from some Philippines based youtubers either doing shopping haul or products review.

I would say that items are really interesting because it looks cute with a reasonable price.

However, I was unsure if there is Mumuso shop here in Dubai. The only cute Asian store that I am familiar with is the Daiso Japan Homes. It’s very obvious that I am not a fan of malling and shopping unless I really need something.

Unexpectedly I saw one Mumuso shop in Dubai Festival City Mall last week when I am doing some errands. It is on the same floor of Carrefour few steps away from Ikea.

The shop is noticeable as the lightning are so bright complimenting the white walls. From outside you will be really curious to check what’s inside as their displays are eye-catching.

I was excited to check all their stuff literally corner to corner.

Everything I can imagine seems available there from skin care products, accessories, bags, wallet etc.

All the prices are incredibly cheap ranging from AED7.50-AED40.00. These amounts are really affordable and practical if to compare in other Korean skin care store I know.

I saw a lot of interesting stuff that I want unfortunately I only have AED 80.00 on my pocket. As I don’t normally bring extra cash with me during a work week.

Because of that, I manage to buy only few stuff cost in total of AED52.00

Products I bought are;

When I got home I was excited to try the aloe toner & face spray. But I stopped.  I haven’t expected that those items are all made in China.

Seriously? I don’t mean anything or to look I am against with China’s product as I am not. But I know many of you understands my sentiments.

Just try to imagine my excitement feeling while checking all those items at the store. I was happy that finally, an affordable good skin care products are now available in this expensive city. Then all of a sudden all my information are inaccurate.

My curiosity about where it made didn’t end on just checking the labels. I even did some research online.

I would say that I got a wrong information from some youtube channels. According to this website, their items are Korean brand but made not only from there but from different Asian country such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore etc. I am not sure if they claim that all their products are Korean made or consumers just assume it.

Anyways this is not a big deal I just want to share you guys this funny experience. So far I am not yet trying those items but I really want to give it a try. Does anyone of you use it? is it good, appreciate your thoughts and feedback ladies 🙂


All the stuff are actually cute and pretty my only worries are the skin care products. (I even did few shopping 2 days after wherein I bought few accessories)
The cleansing brush is really soft and smooth in the face.
This blog is totally not sponsored.

Mumuso UAE Branches:

Dubai Festival City
Al Ghurair City Center
IBN Batuta Mall
Sharjah City Centre
Abu Dhabi Mall
Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi
Al Manar Mall

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