Karama Goto Special + a glimpse to Magnificent Dubai Frame

All the way from our place (Ajman) we drove to Karama just to have our favorite goto special.

The forty minutes drive is worth it as hubby and I really crave for this ,especially in this cold season.

Goto or Congee is an ordinary food in my country, it is normally served during breakfast but throughout the years it became a famous snack either in afternoon or midnight. Sounds heavy? I know, but that is really how it is.

Since 1992 Delmon Restaurant in Karama is there serving many Filipinos in Dubai of their favorite Filipino dishes. From snacks to main courses it can be found in this restaurant with a reasonable cost maintaining the authentic Filipino cuisine.

For me one of their best is the Goto Special.

After dinner, we walk around Karama Souq we are surprised to see many murals in the area. I’m not sure if it was there a long time back or I haven’t just noticed it the last time we were there.

Anyways I found it cute and artistic. There are many tourists stopping by at this area to buy souvenirs and shop, for sure they will love these murals. It is pretty especially at night because of the lightning.

Since we still have enough time, we grab the chance to take a shot as well of the one-year-old magnificient Dubai Frame.

If you want to take a full shot of it, it is nice to take it from the Karama side.

We had this photo from the foot bridge between Zabeel park to Lulu Super Market Karama.

Looking at it, it makes me think how intelligent people are to plan and build this structure. No wonder human intelligence is magnificent as this frame as it is a God’s gift.

Thanks for dropping by:) I hope in one of my next blog I will be featuring what’s inside The Dubai Frame. Preferably a morning view.










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