Thankful every day

Stop and Think if it’s reasonable to be Thankful every day

Start our day and end it right by being thankful every day.

Being thankful is easy when all the things happening around is favorable on our side and we are happy. There are moments that we can’t hide our thankful spirit by sharing it with everyone. “feeling blessed, and grateful”. are some of the words that sometimes in our social media account.

But, what if the situations change, and not as good compared to what we had before? shall we still be thankful?

Normally, people tend to forget being thankful when they are in hard situations. We are being blind and focusing so much on our failures, loss, and sadness. Because of these emotions, it is becoming hard for us to see things we should be thankful for.

Don’t feel sad and guilty if you sometimes forget to be thankful, you can do something to correct it.

And if you are in not so good situations, give yourself time to stop, think, and meditate what you should be thankful for. You might be surprised by what you can see.

Same with you, I may say that I’m not in good status so far as well brought by this crisis. But I am trying hard to focus my mind on the positive things in life.

Some of my many reasons to be Thankful every day are:


This is the best gift of our God to everyone, every day. The number one reason why we should be thankful the moment we opened our eyes in the morning. Life is too beautiful and a big blessing to waste by not appreciating it.


In this time where the world is in a health crisis

Being Healthy every day is a Gift. Let’s do our best to stay fit despite the depressing health situations in our surroundings. Follow all the guidelines in avoiding this epidemic, don’t risk our health and life for nothing.


No matter how simple the food in our table, those are still blessings. All over the world, many are deprived of this basic need in life, be thankful for what we have. A little patience, and soon we can all back on our feet.

Parents Anniversary

This category should fall in Health & Life, but I just want to mention this point particularly as I’m happy that my parents are doing great back home. Because of the existing health problem that our family is facing I am just really thankful that both of them are happily celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary today.

In addition to that, we received good news from Papa’s doctor that his situation is getting better. Few more sessions of chemotherapy and he will undergo an operation to remove the cyst. Big thanks to our God above!

Time is so fast, the month of January is still fresh in my mind. The time we found out that Papa has colon cancer, we are all in shock at that moment, emotional and hopeless. But see, he is such a brave guy. He is fighting hard to survive this journey, that attitude of my father is one more thing I am thankful every day.

I sent them an E-card for their anniversary containing some of my favorite photos of them together. This was 5 years back, they came here in UAE to celebrate their wedding anniversary as well. It was a great celebration and a memorable one.

Thankful every day


Hubby is already back to his work for more than two weeks now, while for me, tomorrow (May 14) would be my first day after the one-month mandatory leave. Though both of us have a salary cut, we are still thankful that we still have our work to support ourselves, and parents’ needs. And we are hoping and praying that all will be better. And for those who lost their jobs praying that they can find ways in financial resources.

Regardless of the situation, there is always a reason to be thankful every day. If you cannot see it maybe you need to dig deeper.


Thanks for dropping by guys. And if you have any good thoughts, realization to share with us please do, for sure we will learn something from your experience.


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